Therapy rooms for hire

Watch the video taking you through the main features of hiring rooms at the Sheffield Wellness Centre. If you have any questions click the button below to find out more.

The benefits of basing your business at the Sheffield Wellness Centre

  • Free WiFi

  • £10 per hour

  • Online booking system

  • Monthly invoicing

  • Private rooms

  • Courtyard location

What rooms are available at the Sheffield Wellness Centre?

We have four distinct rooms available for health professionals to use. There are three rooms suitable for talking therapies. One of these rooms can also be used for physical therapy and massage therapy. We also have a studio space where you can run group sessions and classes.

Below are further details on each of the rooms.

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The Dale Room

Abbey room for hire

The Dale Room is on the top floor of the Wellness Centre and is ideally suited to talking therapies.

The room comes equipped with comfortable chairs and a desk. The room is warm and quiet and is perfect for private one to one conversations.

The Bandler Room

Talking therapy room for hire

The Bandler Room is located on the top floor to the back of the building and is very quiet and private.

It is usually used as a talking therapy room and comes equipped with a vintage Chesterfield Queen Anne chair and a Stressless Vega reclining chair.

The Abbey Room


The Abbey Room is a space dedicated to massage therapies. The lighting is soft and low and the room also has a heated towel rail and sink.

A high quality massage table is always in the room and is perfect for those looking for a comfortable massage.

The Studio

The Studio is available for hire

The Studio is a multi-use space that hosts a wide range of activities. The room used for antenatal classes and yoga sessions and can accommodate up to 10 people for these sessions.

Other uses of the room include a space for presentations and talks and can accommodate up to 30 people.

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What types of health professionals use the Sheffield Wellness Centre?

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At the moment we have the following types of health professionals using the wellness centre:

  • Coaches, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists & counsellors, cognitive behavioural therapists, antenatal teachers, massage therapists, neuro linguistic programming practitioners, mindfulness coaches and much more.
We are always welcoming new therapists into the Sheffield Wellness Centre. If you would like to come and have a look at what we have available just get in touch.

<h2>What times can the rooms be hired?</h2>
Unlike some health clinics in Sheffield we won't allocate you a slot on a day that suits us. Instead, you get to see which rooms are available through the online booking system  and book any time slot that is available and suits you. Bookings can be done there and then while your client is still on the phone.

You can book in 15 minute increments so you only need pay for what you need and we won't round up your use to full hours.

The centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Entry is though the use of codes for locks and doors so once you have had an induction you can let yourself in and out of the building.

How do you book a treatment room?

Unlike some health clinics in Sheffield we don’t allocate you a room on a day and at a time that suits us. Instead you have the ability to select the dates and times that suit you.

Booking is done through a private access online booking system. When a client asks when you are available you can see immediately when the different rooms are available. You can book your client there and then. No need to call us to check availability to then call your client back.

Bookings are quick, simple and easy.

You might be wondering how you sign up and become an associate…

It would be great to have you come and visit us so you can see the spaces out for yourself. Or if you already know you like what we have to offer you can apply by dropping us an email with your request and we’ll get you on the system asap.

We only want professionals working from our space so to qualify for consideration you need to have public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We will also need to see copies of your training certificates so we know you are great at what you do.