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Seven Week Chakra Meditation Course

Nadine, our Reiki Master and practitioners running a running a weekly meditation foreseen weeks starting Tuesday February 15th!

What will the Chakra meditation course cover?

During this self awareness programme we will work individually on each chakra learning more about the physical organs and the mental blockages associated with each.

We will then learn about methods that can open up chakras including of course a meditation, the sound frequency associated with each, the mantra, the mudra, some affirmations for each as well as the essential oils and crystals for each. The program will run over 7 weeks, on the first Monday of each week.

What are the dates and times the Chakra course runs?

We will meet for one and a half hours, we will start by discussing the chakra, followed by a deep meditation for 45 minutes. After the meditation we will discuss our experiences and assign a simple exercise for each chakra to do on a weekly basis.

The program starts Tuesday  February 15th at 7 pm. Please do join it will be lovely to connect to everyone and bask in the wonderful reiki group energy!

This is a non-reiki practitioner program so please feel free to spread the word and bring a spouse, friend, partner or children along - would love to have them (under 18 for free ).

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Nadine Khayat

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Nadine Khayat reiki master

My Name is Nadine, I am a Reiki Master and I have been taught and trained by two Reiki Masters. I’ve started my reiki journey over 10 years ago and I still grow with Reiki every day. Reiki and meditation changed my life. I started meditation in 1999 after I had some Reiki sessions with my teacher Nawal Fleihan, which awakened in me the desire to learn this and heal myself. Ever since, I've been teaching and training Reiki practitioners, running Reiki workshops and giving Reiki one-on-one sessions healing sessions.

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