Anxiety counselling in Sheffield could help you feel better

How Counselling Can Help Tackle Anxiety

Life has a way of throwing curveballs, and sometimes it leads to a storm of anxiety. A single issue can ripple into a whirlpool of worry affecting all parts of life. Anxiety can make every day feel like a tricky balancing act at best and a nightmare at worst.

Anxiety counselling in Sheffield could help you feel better

The Impact of Anxiety

Anxiety isn’t just about feeling worried; it’s a dark cloud that can hang over your joy, friendships, and job success. Constant worry can harm relationships, slow down your work, and block you from chasing your dreams.

Counselling: A Guiding Light

Counselling is like a friendly hand guiding you through the mist of anxiety. It gives you a safe place to dig into what’s causing your anxiety and talk about your fears and worries.

Does Counselling Help for Anxiety?

Yes, it does! Counselling has been a big help for many facing anxiety. Trusted sources like the NHS say that counselling gives you tools to manage anxiety and feel better.

What Counselling is Best for Anxiety?

There are different ways counselling can help with anxiety. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) helps find and change negative thought patterns, while Person-Centred Counselling lets you explore self-growth and personal insight.

Coping Skills for Anxiety

Here are five coping skills that can help manage anxiety:

  1. Mindfulness Meditation: Staying in the moment can help keep anxiety at bay.
  2. Breathing Exercises: Simple breathing techniques can help calm your nerves.
  3. Regular Exercise: Moving your body releases feel-good hormones that fight anxiety.
  4. Sleep Hygiene: Good sleep is key for a healthy mind.
  5. Positive Social Interactions: Surrounding yourself with supportive friends can be healing.

We know that putting suggestions like these into action can be challenging but perhaps your counselling sessions could look at ways to incorporate skills like these, and others, to help you be more how you would rather be.

Counselling vs Other Treatments

Counselling or Therapy: Which is Better for Anxiety?

Even though the words are often used together, there’s a bit of difference between counselling and psychotherapy. Counselling usually tackles specific issues, making it a good choice for managing anxiety.

Counselling vs Antidepressants

While pills can ease symptoms, counselling tries to find and fix what’s causing the anxiety, offering a more lasting solution. Many people do a combination of the two but in the longer term the potential for medication on it’s own to lead to lasting change and the ability to come off the medication successfully in the medium term is not great.

The Counselling Journey

How Many Counselling Sessions are Needed for Anxiety?

The number of sessions needed can vary a lot. The post on how many counselling sessions you might need talks about this in more detail.

Success Rate of Anxiety Counselling

Many people find that counselling really helps lower their anxiety and makes life feel better. Please note that any therapist who says that they have a precise success rate (a 97% success rate is a very common rate certain therapists claim to have) is almost certainly made up. Any therapist claiming a certain success rate must have verifiable, independent research that confirms this level of effectiveness. Ask to see it if they are claiming this level of success. NHS research suggests that the effectiveness of counselling for anxiety is around 50 to 60% however this is for NHS counselling which is often limited to six or so sessions whereas private counselling involves more sessions and this is usually associated with an even higher success rate.

What to Expect in a Counselling Session for Anxiety?

A counselling session for anxiety is a safe place to talk about your feelings and learn new coping skills, as explained in the post on what happens in counselling therapy.


Taking control in the storm of anxiety is empowering. Counselling in Sheffield offers a path through the rough emotional waves towards a calmer, happier life. Starting counselling is a step towards taking control of your life and heading towards calmer shores.

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