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The Sheffield Wellness Centre is going from strength to strength. Just in this last month, we have had one of our therapy rooms rented for 9 hours in one day. This is a new record for us! To have achieved this in August which is traditionally a quieter month in the health and wellness sector is a double bonus.

Another landmark moment also happened this August as we had all four spaces at the centre being used at the same time. This is wonderful progress for us as a business but with success there often has to be some adaptation.

An old room used in a new way

The Abbey Room has been our dedicated massage therapy room since we opened a year ago. It has been used many times but the occupancy levels have been lower than we would have liked simply because we have fewer therapists doing massage than talking therapies.

Now that the Bandler Room, our main talking therapy room, is getting so busy we have decided to make the Abbey Room multi-functional. To do this we have invested in some really nice 1950’s style furniture. There is a very comfortable armchair and a leaf-inspired side table.

The new Abbey room

As you can see the room looks great as a talking therapy space! We are confident that this will increase the occupancy of the room and offer therapists using the centre much more flexibility in when they can see clients.

If you are a therapist looking for a therapy room to hire by the hour get in touch to book a viewing and see the room for yourself.

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Richard Hennessy has been a hypnotherapist since 2009 and is one of the highest rated hypnotherapists in Sheffield. He owns and runs Focused Hypnosis and is a co-owner of the Sheffield Wellness Centre. Richard specialises in weight loss hypnotherapy but can help with a wide range of other issues, including phobias.