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Networking for therapists meeting April 2019

On 15th April the Sheffield Wellness Centre hosted the first networking meeting for therapists. The session was an opportunity for therapists to get together and meet each other as being a therapist can be a bit of a lonely job. It was wonderful to see that a few of the therapists knew each other already. There was a real mixture of therapists attending too. Everything from an absolutely new starter who hasn’t got a website or named their business through to someone who has been practising for 15 years.

The meeting was a chance for the therapists to add to their knowledge as to how to do the business of running a therapy business. Many therapists are great at the therapy that they provide but often lack the knowledge or confidence to effectively market themselves online.

Google My Business could be worth thousands of pounds to therapists over the course of a year

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This is where the networking meeting sought to offer some insight. Richard from the Sheffield Wellness Centre & Focused Hypnosis spent some time talking to the group about Google My Business which is a potential way for any business to be found more easily by potential customers. Richard went through the features of the free service and how to maximise the listing.

The group found the presentation informative and helpful. The following 20 minutes or so were spent finding out more about each other’s businesses and the kinds of people who would be ideal clients to help each other to be able to cross-refer clients and to know a bit more about each other.

The therapists attending included:

The next networking for therapists event will be on the 20th May at the Sheffield Wellness Centre. Spaces are limited so be sure to click the link and confirm your place by clicking “going”.

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