What is MoveFree all about?

Is it a yoga class? Pilates? Something else?

My name is Georgina and I own and run MoveFree which is based at Sheffield Wellness Centre. Whilst I am qualified in both clinical and classical Pilates, have done reformer and equipment training, MoveFree is more than that, it’s a combination of Pilates and yoga but also biomechanics and movement neurology.

What is biomechanics?

Put simply, if you imagine a machine which is working out of alignment, and that wonky movement was repeated again and again, over time there would be wear which may cause a breakdown. Whilst the human body is far more complex than a machine, the same thinking applies.

This video gives you an idea of just one part of what I do to help people.

Biomechanics looks at the difference between sloppy, unconnected, tiring movement and how we move at our most effective and efficient – the kind of stuff that makes us feel happy and well. When we align, or stack, our bodies better, we breathe better and move better. And when we move in a more varied way, as our bodies are capable of doing, we move better then too.

What happens in a MoveFree class?

During a MoveFree class or 1:1 you will explore how your body moves through a variety of different patterns. When it feels stuck, or weak, or sore then it shows us where your mechanics are lacking. These glitches come from us using our limbs and joints in repetitive, two-dimensional ways – the obvious ones are things like texting, or driving a car, but how about cycling? Lifting weights in the gym? Even climbing involves a lot of repetitive movement that creates imbalances if we are unaware of them creeping up, so you might exercise regularly and still find those aches and pains affect you.

You’ll learn how to open up your thinking around how you walk, run, lift, and stand… and here’s where the neurology comes in – complex and varied movement stimulates the brain, and cool things happen when your brain starts thinking about all of the movement options available, instead of the 3 or 4 patterns we tend to stick to.

MoveFree could also help you to find neutral resting positions where your body is totally at ease. It’s also about making sure your brain can recruit the right muscles for the right tasks, and by reminding it that not all muscles need to used all the time – that’s priceless for folk who find they wander around with their shoulders around their ears, have little or no butt muscle tone or lead their way through their life with their chin jutting forward!

What else could MoveFree do for you?

You’re likely to have more freedom of movement, fewer aches and pains, and more ownership of the range of things your body can do. Huh? Ok so, for example, let’s say you’re a 35 year old mum of two, you might not think that your movement is limited, but you may feel that you’re not as agile as you were in your twenties.

So, when you go to the park with the kids, you wouldn’t feel able to climb to the top of the climbing frame or swing on the monkey bars, even though you’d love to. Now consider how you feel by the time you get to forty-five, you find that you feel tighter again and less springy.

By the time you get a bit older, you might find that you are now struggling to do things you did in your forties such as putting your socks on standing up, so you have to sit down to do it. In fact, you’re sitting down to do a lot of stuff you didn’t used to. So what we cover in our time together is how to create movement and keep moving in a way that reminds the body what it is capable of, keeps it supple and keeps the foundations of independent movement going for the rest of your life.

Because when you think about it, there’s a lot that we accept as ‘normal’ ageing that are really recoverable skills. It’s about reawakening the potential of your body.  Little changes in the way we stack our body make big difference in how our bodies feel. Imagine the difference a bit of learning, some restorative exercises and a handful of little changes in your actions through the day can have!?!

If you’re willing to make teeny tiny changes to your habits and approach them with patience, compassion and wholehearted curiosity, then you’ll see real change in your life. Ready to MoveFree?

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Richard Hennessy has been a hypnotherapist since 2009 and is one of the highest rated hypnotherapists in Sheffield. He owns and runs Focused Hypnosis and is a co-owner of the Sheffield Wellness Centre. Richard specialises in weight loss hypnotherapy but can help with a wide range of other issues, including phobias.

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