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What is myofacial release?

I thought the best way to let you know a little more about what Myofacial Release is would be by letting someone experience the therapy and then talk to you about it. Fi from the Sheffield Wellness Centre had a 90 minute session and this video is intended to give you a bit more information.

A personal experience of Myofacial Release

This is what my first experience of MFR was like

Posted by Sheffield Wellness Centre on Tuesday 27th August 2019

Myofacial Release is a gentle yet effective hands-on therapy that involves the application of sustained pressure into the body’s fascial system to decrease pain, improve motion and release physical and emotional trauma. By holding the pressure for upwards of five minutes, this allows the fascia, or connective tissue, to lengthen.

Fascia is the body’s connective tissue. It is found throughout the body and has been overlooked by medical science for many years; it communicates faster than the nervous system and it surrounds every artery, organ, cell, bone and muscle.

Myofascial restrictions can be caused by inflammation, trauma and surgical procedures and can produce extreme pressure often leading to pain and discomfort. Modern tests such as MRI, x-ray, CAT scans, do not show where fascial restrictions are within the body, explaining how fascial pain can be so difficult to diagnose. 

MFR practitioners view each patient and each treatment session individually. There are several Myofascial Release techniques that may be used in a session, such as cross-hand releases, transverse holds, unwinding, stretches and mobilisations. MFR can also be combined with other therapies such as deep tissue or therapeutic massage.

Each Myofascial Release Treatment session is performed directly on skin without oils or tools. Only using this hands-on technique can the therapist detect fascial restrictions and respond using the appropriate amount of  pressure to facilitate the fascial releases.

After a session, people usually feel much looser and more comfortable in their own bodies. A standalone treatment can be beneficial, but an on-going course of treatments can be life changing.

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Amber Ainsworth massage therapist

Amber Ainsworth is a skilled and experienced massage therapist. She has a passion for myofacial release and helping people to tackle pain and discomfort.