Coronavirus - An update from the Sheffield Wellness Centre

A message from the owners of the wellness centre:

"We won't mention the overused phrases 'unprecedented times' or 'the current climate'. We won't tell you what kind of face mask you should use or what the risk percentages are of having a socially distanced BBQ at a friend's house.

What we will do though is to reassure you that these times will pass. We understand that the physical and emotional recovery from Coronavirus / Covid-19 will take time for some people. We have skilled and highly trained health professionals from many different disciplines ready and waiting to help you with your recovery.

Call for a free chat with one of the team to find out what help would be best for your circumstances.

If you are planning to attend a session at the Sheffield Wellness Centre we would like you to read through the details below so you know how to use the centre safely and considerately."

Do you have 'Coronaphobia'?

Do you have coronoaphobia?

If you have become anxious and stressed at the idea of going back to work and resuming your life as it was then you aren't alone. There are many people in exactly the same position. The phenomenon has been labelled by some as 'Coronaphobia'.

Find out more about what it is and how you could get help tackling your anxiety.

Find out more about Coronaphobia

How we are making the centre safe

hand sanitiser

We want you to be as safe as possible when you come to the Sheffield Wellness Centre so we have assessed everything we can possibly do to make your visit pleasant and safe.

We have hand sanitiser in every room, we've changed the waiting room round and have a thorough cleaning routine.

Find out more

Get in touch if you have any questions

Get in touch

"Wonderful, calm and beautiful."

We are delighted to share our customer reviews and thank you all for supporting our ever-growing family run business in Sheffield.


Andleeb M.
I had a wonderful experience with Richard, He is very friendly, I found it really easy to talk to him. He has all the qualities of a Good Hypnotherapist. I would recommend all my friends to him. And trust me it was first time I met him and it was great.
Emma P.
Lovely yoga room perfect for small classes or workshops. Looking forward to doing some yoga there soon!
Coronavirus 5

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