Sound Bath Sunday – Early Evening Session 5pm to 6pm 7

Sound Bath Sunday – Early Evening Session 5pm to 6pm

There are now two sessions on the first Sunday of the month.

This is the event listing for the early session which is 5 pm to 6 pm

Sound Bath Sunday – Early Evening Session 5pm to 6pm 8Do you dread Monday? Is Sunday evening a time when you are more likely to be tense or grumpy?

Perhaps you have convinced yourself that you just aren’t the kind of person who can relax easily. Perhaps you have tried meditation, yoga, mindfulness and who knows what else but it just hasn’t had the effect you were hoping for.

A sound bath could be perfect for you!

During a sound bath you don’t have to do anything except lie in a comfortably lit roon on a yoga mat (with optional blankets and pillows) and listen. That’s it.

It sounds simple and it is but it can lead to profoundly deep and relaxing states that are very similar to meditative, dream-like or hypnotic states. Many people find that in a sound bath session that their mind empties and this can bring with it a clarity, a simplicity and a light feeling (physically and/or emotionally.)

It is like a sonic massage without being physically touched and the experience is unlike anything else.

Scientific research is repeatedly proving that the states of mind and body that come from a sound bath experience can be very beneficial for a wide range of physical, mental and emotional conditions. It lowers blood pressure and heart rate more effectively than a physical massage.

It’s an amazing treat for the self.

For more info on sound baths have a read of this article 

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