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Want to lose weight? Tackle your anxiety or confidence? Perhaps you want to explore pain management therapies or relaxation methods? Whatever issue you’re facing or journey you’re on, we’ve a number of different therapies to choose from.

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It is possible to be addicted to almost anything. The thing you are addicted to may have some element to it that creates a real biological and physical dependency. This could include certain drugs or alcohol. The addiction could also be a purely psychological one.

Sometimes coaching or counselling can help with this kind of issue and hypnotherapy can also be a good way to tackle various addictions.

More and more people these days are looking at alternative therapies (sometimes also known as complimentary therapies). People are becoming more educated about their own bodies and their health as well as the range of approaches or therapies that could help their issues. Over recent years there has been a growing acceptance of a wide range of approaches that could be beneficial. Alternative therapies that feature at the centre include hypnotherapy, myofascial release and reiki.

It is an increasingly common problem. Stress, in its unhelpful or damaging form, can have a profound mental and physical impact. Sometimes counselling or coaching can help tackle the cause of the stress and improve the situation. Some people find that strengthening other aspects of life can be a beneficial approach. You might find that for you yoga classes twice a week make the difference or a regular massage could help. This approach can be best if it is not possible to directly tackle and change the cause of the stress.

We all want our kids and family (if we have them) to be safe and happy. Life events sometimes mean that this is not easy to achieve or sometimes impossible. Getting help to bring about change or to accept the painful or difficult situation can help though.

Approaches such as counselling, hypnotherapy and coaching can help to bring about changes.

Without confidence life gets much harder. Your world shrinks in terms of what you think might be possible or where you could go or what you could do. So often the answer to questions or opportunities is "no" when confidence is lacking.

To improve your confidence will require things to change and we have skilled professionals ready to help you make that change happen. Counselling and hypnotherapy are the two main methods we have available in helping you to make that change happen.

Fi from the Daisy Foundation is one of our highest rated therapists at the centre. Everyone who works with Fi loves her nurturing and caring approach which is combined with her deep knowledge and passion for everything pregnancy, labour and birth focused.

She offers a range of classes and workshops at the centre including antenatal classes, baby massage, baby yoga, parent workshops and birth trauma support.

For too long depression was 'treated' with a regular prescription. That undoubtedly helped some people but more and more people are looking at alternative approaches and lifestyle changes to avoid the prescription only approach.

You may want to come out of your depressive stage by changing your diet in which case we have a nutritionist to help you. Perhaps exercise and movement would help - we have yoga classes and a personal trainer. Maybe you want to tackle your thoughts and feelings around depression in which case hypnotherapy or counseeling could be the answer.

These sessions can be particularly effective when used with younger people. Sarah offers dramatherapy at the centre and she is amazing at what she does. She is in high demand and works with many schools across the city helping younger people tackle the issues that life throws at them.

If you or a younger person you know needs help processing and dealing with life issues then Sarah's dramatherapy sessions could be ideal.

The irrational fear of something can really get in the way of enjoying life. Many people notice that over time their phobia increases in intensity and the sufferer's world gets smaller as they imagine that less and less is possible because of it.

There is hope though! Hypnotherapy can have a profound impact on fears and phobias. It could lead to a change in attitude and approach. Expectations can change and circumstances can be experienced differently. If you are ready to change have a look at how hypnosis could help that to happen.

Many people live with pain, for all sorts of reasons. Some pain is treatable and may reduce or be removed. For others their pain is chronic and management is what is required. The perception of pain can often be altered for most people which in itself can lead to symptoms easing.

The two main therapies we have available for pain management are myofascial release and hypnotherapy. Find out more about these approaches and how it could help ease your pain.

The world went through a lot in 2020. The physical, emotional and financial effects will continue to take their toll for many years to come. At the Sheffield Wellness Centre we are here to provide help and support in dealing with many of the implications of Covid-19.

Our therapists have helped many people with issues like depression, anxiety and stress which arose as a direct consequence of Coronavirus.

It is something most of us take for granted until there is a problem with it and then we realise just how important it is. We have a hearing specialist based at the centre who helps with a wide range of hearing and auditory issues.

Being in a meditative state is something that we are all naturally able to do, under the right conditions. In the Western world we have only relatively recently welcomed meditation into the mainstream but the potential benefits of the state are proven and undeniable.

At the Sheffield Wellness Centre we have a wide range of ways that you could meditate. We have yoga classes, sound bath sessions and mindfulness classes as well as hypnotherapists who would be more than happy to help you.

Fi from The Daisy Foundation is excellent at what she does. She runs a variety of mum and baby classes at the centre and has something for everyone.

Fi's classes are consistently sold out and highly rated in reviews online. Find out more and book soon to avoid disappointment.

Amber offers myofascial release sessions at the centre and they can be a great way to tackle various physical aches and pains but can also be a great way of getting emotional releases of tension or trauma.

Amber is very skilled, experienced and passionate about what she does and will be more than happy to help you in any way she can.

Successful weight management is rarely about counting calories or running an extra 5km. In the majority of cases the best area to focus on is the mind, thoughts and feelings.

These underlie all behaviour and with help and support you could find that it gets easier to feel like you are in control. This in turn could lead to different choices being made and weight being more under control.

Fi from the Daisy Foundation loves being pregnant. She has given birth four times and has studied the field for over a decade. Her skill and passion is matched by her caring and compassionate approach and deep knowledge.

She is more than happy to talk to anyone looking to get pregnant or who needs support around pregnancy. She has a wide range of classes and workkshops available as well as one on one sessions.

Some say that a fear of speaking in public is the UK's number one phobia. It is certainly very common even if it isn't #1. For most people they aren't a fan of public speaking but don't have to confront their fear very often so it isn't a problem.

Some people aren't so lucky though. If as part of your studies or your job you have to speak to multiple people then a fear of public speaking could be a huge barrier to you passing your qualification or progressing in your career. Hypnotherapy can be a very powerful way of tackling a fear of public speaking though so change IS possible.

We all have relationships of various kinds. There are many people who struggle to manage their relationship with friends or family, partners or work colleagues and don't know what to do or say.

Getting an outside perspective and support can help in managing those situations and interactions. At the wellness centre we have counsellors, coaches and hypnotherapists who could help you in manageing your relationships.

Are you stressed? Do you struggle to get to sleep at night? Do you feel highly strung and find it difficult to cope with situations sometimes? If so, learning to relax (physically and mentally) could really help you to manage those situations in life.

Methods such a yoga, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and sound baths could help you find ways for you to relax more easily and deeply.

The numbers of smokers in the UK are dropping which is great. Millions still smoke cigarettes though and often struggle to stop. Finding the right approach for you to succeed is key.

We highly recommend hypnotherapy for stopping smoking in Sheffield. It can be fast, effective and it's a natural approach to bringing about change.

Trauma issues can have a profound impact on the course of life but are often hidden and not discussed but this can often mean that the consiquences years later can be significant. If you are ready to tackle your trauma or attachment issues we have skilled and experienced professionals here to help you.

Counselling can be a great way of having a safe space to look at your trauma in a supported way and learn to process and deal with your traumatic past so that your future could be brighter.

Weight issues are often as a result of emotional issues. Many people over eat to distract themselves from other issues in life. Comfort eating and over eating are common and when people recognise that there is a problem there are often unhealthy patterns that are established by then.

Tackling these patterns and beliefs can lead to weight reducing and health improving. At the centre we have hypnotherapists who could help you achieve your goals and also nutritionists who could help you in focusing on what to eat. Call for information.

"Wonderful, calm and beautiful."

We are delighted to share our customer reviews and thank you all for supporting our ever-growing family run business in Sheffield.


Viviane F.
I couldn't recommend Natalia enough! I have been treated by her and her essences for over a year now and we have gone through different levels of healing processes that I needed to go through. The powerful drops prepared for you at the end of the session gives you the extra help that you need to face your challenges... Thank you ever so much Nah! For the healing reiki sessions, the essences treatments and all the generosity and knowledge you bring and mix from your long time experience as a therapist; which makes your sessions unique and rich in love, faith and hope!!! �read more
Andleeb M.
I had a wonderful experience with Richard, He is very friendly, I found it really easy to talk to him. He has all the qualities of a Good Hypnotherapist. I would recommend all my friends to him. And trust me it was first time I met him and it was great.
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