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The Sheffield Wellness Centre plays host to an amazing group of skilled practitioners who offer a wide range of treatments, sessions and classes to aid you in your pursuit of wellbeing. If there is something about the way you think, act or feel that you would like to change, it could be more achievable than you think.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapists

CBT has a strong evidence base behind it and is often used by GPs in helping patients with difficulties with thoughts and feelings.


Hypnotherapy tends to focus on breaking unhelpful patterns, changing self-talk to be more positive and goal setting for a more successful future.

Massage therapists

Massage therapy can take several different forms. We have pregnancy massage specialists as well as relaxation massage therapists and Myofascial Release therapists who could help with injuries or pain.

Reiki practitioners

Reiki can be a powerful way for some people to relax or unwind, to process emotional issues or to heal from past trauma. We have a number of skilled practitioners who could help you.


The nutrition you put into your body can have a profound effect on your weight, your hormones and your emotions (among other things). A nutritionist could help you in making the changes you're  ready for.


A coach can help you to work through opportunities and challenges in a solution-focused kind of way. Getting some help with big decisions or changes can make the process of change so much easier.

Past life regression

Past life regression using hypnosis could mean that you are able to explore previous lives which in some cases can help people feel like they have a better understanding of certain approaches or behaviour in the present.

Alternative therapies

The popularity of alternative therapies is undoubtedly increasing as people look for ways to treat issues. The therapists listed in this section offer therapies and treatments that could be ideal for people looking for an alternative approach to an issue.

Birth trauma

Unwind the clock of time and rediscover your inner peace with our transformative Birth Trauma Rewind Therapy. Free yourself from the burdens of past traumas and embrace the present with renewed strength and serenity.

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We are delighted to share our customer reviews and thank you all for supporting our ever-growing family run business in Sheffield.


Clare H.
Super lovely people and place! Lovely rooms, lovely vibe. Great place to have a massage and so well located. Lots of thought and care has gone into making this place as special as it is. Highly recommend. Had a hot stones massage with Fi today. I’ve been floating ever since. Highly... recommend. Great way to treat to aching shoulders and neck. I feel renewed xread more
Sarah B
I was extremely impressed when I first met Richard, he was kind, informative and genuinely interested in my profession, we chatted for ages and there was no rush. I was in need of a therapy space to work privately and was definitely not dissapointed once shown round the rooms. They are... spacious, well equiped and a competitive rate per hour. Richard even went the extra mile (after listening to how I work) by buying and placing something in one the rooms which I can use with my clients. He did not need to do this, but shows how much he cares about the professionals and clients who come to the Wellness Centre.I am thrilled to be using the rooms at the Wellness Centre and look forward to what they hold for my clients.Thank you Richard!!read more

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