Amber Ainsworth myofascial release therapist

Amber Ainsworth

Myofascial Release massage therapist

“I help you de-stress, unwind and find relief from pain and discomfort you thought you were stuck with – using John F Barnes Myofascial Release” (JFB MFR).

Fascia is found everywhere in the body: it is the connective tissue that holds everything together and upright; it surrounds every cell, organ, artery, and muscle.

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What is Myofascial release?

MFR is a gentle therapy, which uses sustained pressure, unwinding, stretching, and mobilisation to work deep into the fascial system in order to relieve pain and release physical and emotional trauma.

It’s a full-body therapy that not only works with the physical body and its tissue memory but the mind, emotions and energetic body too.

What can myofascial release help to treat?

MFR helps the patient reconnect with their own body and begin authentic healing. One session is enough for clients to feel a physical improvement, but with a course of regular treatments this work can be life-changing – I know, I’ve experienced it.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had regular hip and low back pain. When I learnt how to postural assess, I found out I have an anteriorly tilted pelvis. This is something that affects 75-85% of people and often does not cause any problems. Mine does, standing or dawdling for less than five minutes could put me in severe discomfort in my lower back.

In July 2019 I did 9 days of training in JFB MFR in Illinois – during which my pelvis wasn’t specifically treated, but I gave and received MFR daily and did a huge amount of unwinding. Since then, I’m not in daily pain, my back feels good – I’m not stretching every morning to ease my back while walking my dogs. I also cancelled a scheduled surgery after having multiple treatments for a specific condition while in the US, that was a huge win.

Pain management through MFR

Usually, people find that their pain has decreased or gone, they feel looser in their body, with better mobility, and often find their posture has improved after just one treatment. I have successfully treated conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow, as well as many general ‘aches and pains’.

I primarily use JFB MFR as I love its intuitive nature and the amazing healing that can be achieved in very little time but might also use therapeutic and deep tissue massage within the treatment sessions. My intuitive approach, combined with my love of yoga and integrating reiki healing, equals a uniquely tailored treatment, every session.