Andy Whitehouse

Psychotherapist and Couples' Counsellor

I’ve always wanted to hear people’s stories, and have now been working with those under stress and in distress for over 35 years. I am a qualified mental health nurse and have a diploma in Person-Centred Psychotherapy. Alongside that core career, I have done a whole host of other things and seen many different facets of life. The list goes something like theatre manager, pizza deliverer, tour manager, shelf stacker, musician, barman, labourer, filmmaker and music promoter!

We all have times in life when our circumstances or experiences overwhelm us and cause us distress and difficulty. I firmly believe that having a confidential safe space in which to share our feelings and explore our inner world without judgement can be very helpful as we try to move forward and overcome the obstacles in our way.

Alongside helping individuals I also work with couples. Falling in love can be wonderful, but maintaining a long term relationship can be extremely hard work! My focus is on helping partners communicate with each other. Sometimes we can stop listening or sharing with each other and as a result, can lose our way and become more isolated within the relationship.

Sometimes a traumatic event or crisis threatens us and can be difficult to find a way back from. You can talk about your experience with, and of each other in a safe space, away from the rest of your life and its demands.

You can come to a shared understanding of what you mean, and need. This can help you make some decisions about how or if meeting those needs is something you can and want to do. We can continue to work on how you get from where you are to where you decide you want to be too.

Specialises in: Psychotherapy & Counselling, Couples counselling
Can help you with: Addiction, , , , Relationship issues

I have trained as an integrative counsellor which means I am able to work creatively with you with the ability to draw on a variety of techniques from different counselling theories. This allows me to create a unique way of working, that supports your goals for therapy. I aim to tailor my approach to meet each person where they are and aim to work collaboratively with you to help you move forward in your chosen direction.

It is important to remember…you are the expert on yourself! My approach is heavily underpinned by the person-centred model. This means I place particular value on the relationship with my clients and aim to develop the therapeutic relationship between myself and my client, offering a non-judgemental space and empathic understanding to gain insight into each client’s frame of reference.

I am extremely passionate about the work I do and find it an honour to share in your experience. I believe that through talking and sharing our concerns with another person can be the building blocks for positive change and provide a welcome release in times of distress.