Bec Miles Reiki practitioner

Bec Miles

Reiki Practitioner

As a reiki practitioner I aim to help you relax and let go of day to day tension that can build up in the body. Helping reduce stress and tension can help energy flow better through the body. Reiki can facilitate the body to heal itself by allowing energy to flow into all areas that need healing.

It can help on all levels mental, emotional and physical. This treatment would be good for anyone who wants time out from a busy life to fully relax and take time for yourself.

Specialises in: Reiki

Can help you with: Relaxation, stress reducing, rejuvenating experience.

I started studying Reiki in 2020 as I had always felt drawn to do energy work. I wanted to do something that could help people in this busy world where we’re always on the go everyday.

I feel there is a huge importance to take time out for yourself and check in with your body and how your feeling. So I decided to start doing the work to support people with this and can’t wait to welcome lovely new clients to my sessions.