Bill Peverelle music therapist

Bill Peverelle

Music Therapist

Music plays an important role in our everyday lives. It can be exciting or calming, joyful or poignant, can stir memories and powerfully resonate with our feelings. This can be a moving experience, enhancing a sense of identity, connection and belonging.

As a registered music therapist my sessions are client-led in approach. I aim to support people in exploring underlying reasons for behaviours and any difficulties they may be experiencing in a safe, confidential and trusting therapeutic relationship.

In addition to my private practice I also work with hospitals, care-homes, schools and special schools in South Yorkshire with a wide range of children, young adults and adults.

Why should someone choose to work with me? 

As a musician I am a highly skilled in a wide range of instruments, styles and genres. As a therapist I am empathetic, patient, versatile, resilient, tactful, have a sense of humour, imagination, and strong sense of creativity.

Specialises in: Music therapy

Can help you with: Anxiety, confidence, dementia, depression, mental health and illness, stress, trauma and learning difficulties.

Music therapy is a HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) regulated clinical discipline which is widely used to help people whose lives have been affected by injury, illness, disability or emotional trauma.

In music therapy sessions we may use; instruments, voices, song writing, or recorded music. This music can reflect a persons emotional, physical, and cognitive condition. In using musical styles and genres, including free improvisation, I can offer appropriate, sensitive and meaningful interactions.

As a therapist I draw upon psychodynamic and humanistic approaches to support people in exploring and reflecting upon the underlying reasons for behaviours and any difficulties they may be experiencing, highlighted in the music created.

Through this collaborative journey people can achieve their therapeutic goals. In music therapy there is no right or wrong music. Therefore, there is no requirement to ‘be musical’.

My clients have ranged from people who have never played an instrument to professional musicians. I am registered with the HCPC and a member of the BAMT (British Association for Music Therapists). All registered music therapists are professionally trained (Postgraduate Masters) and engage in regular clinical supervision, updating their skills through continuing professional development and training.

All equipment for music therapy is provided. There is no requirement to bring any instruments. Of course you are welcome to should you wish but prior musical knowledge is absolutely not necessary. There are no right or wrong notes in music therapy.