Chloe Woodhouse

Chloe Woodhouse


Therapy can be a positive opportunity to establish a greater understanding of ourselves and allow possibility for growth and change. As an embodied practitioner, I encourage clients to find a sense of connection between the mind and body through creating an awareness of sensation and feeling as well as thoughts and emotions.

Specialises in: I have specialised in working with children and young people for the last 10 years.
Can help you with: Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Integrative Psychotherapy, Children's Therapy, Parent and Child Therapy, Clinical Supervision

Moving Feelings was created to provide a unique, person centred approach to therapy for children, adults and families, tailored to the individual needs of the client.

I offer a range of therapeutic services both face to face and online. As a embodied practitioner, I often look at how our inner world is show outwardly through our body whether this is gesture, movement or expression.

Prior to an initial appointment, a referral form is completed so I have more information regarding any presenting issues. If the client is under 16, a completed parent/guardian permission form is required before sessions commence.

I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions before a review session to see if further supports required.

Why should someone like you choose to work with me?
I support clients of all ages to process their thoughts and feelings in a safe, non judgemental space whether that is through words, the body or creative intervention.
My availability:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday