Craig Foden Myofascial release and massage therapy and fitness coach
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Craig Foden

Myofascial Release Therapist, Soft Tissue / Sports Massage & Fitness Coach

As a John F Barnes Myofascial Release & Soft Tissue/Sports Massage Therapist & Tutor, I work with you to reduce pain, unwind fascial tensions to restore functional movement and mobility, drawing from 15 years of clinical experience working in the UK and US.

Myofascial restrictions from injury and varied trauma can cause crushing pressures on pain-sensitive structures leading to pain and dysfunction. Hands-on MFR & massage treatments utilising advanced techniques and self MFR alongside functional strength, Yoga, Pilates & mobility training can support your return to wellbeing.

I utilise all the above modalities to successfully manage my historical cycling injuries!

Specialises in: Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue/Sports & Therapeutic Massage, Fitness Coaching & Education

Can help you with: Trauma and attachment, Anxiety and Stress, Relaxation, Alternative therapies

What is Myofascial Release

The John Barnes approach of Myofascial Release does not use brutalising tools or aggressive techniques, instead sustained moderate pressures are applied at the collagenous barrier of fascial restrictions with appropriate timescales given to facilitate change.

In the video below, MFR Expert Richard Harty describes treatment protocols and the Science!