Elisha Collier

Yoga teacher

Hi! I’m Elisha and I will be holding regular Hatha Yoga classes for all abilities at the Sheffield Wellness centre. I am a Yoga alliance trained/registered teacher with a background in supporting children and adults with Special Educational and Mental Health needs.

My Yoga journey began as a response to anxieties and stresses. I spent a lot of time stressed out and overstimulated, Yoga has been my opportunity to understand the needs of my body and mind and take control of my own wellbeing.

Yoga can help with: Anxiety & stress, relaxation, confidence, weight management, flexibility,

My classes are an open space, where you can start to break down barriers that might prevent you from being the best version of yourself. These barriers will be different for everyone, some of you may have physical or mental barriers which prevent you from moving your body regularly.

If this is the case, I work with options and modifications so that every person in the room can access the posture, classes are friendly and non-judgemental! Some people may have trouble managing stress, meaning that it’s hard to respond to situations in the way that you’d like to.

If this is the case, Yoga is a great tool for taking a step back from your busy life, so that when you leave the class you can look at situations with a calmer mind. With practice, you will find things that work for you to ‘add to your toolbox’ for general wellbeing.

Hatha Yoga aims to balance our solar energy (active, warm, energetic) and our lunar energy (cool, receptive, slow, chilled). My classes will have of active components to warm you up, and relaxed components to chill you out.

Throughout the class we will focus on breath, the way that we breathe has an impact on our bodies physiological responses so we will work mainly with deep and conscious breathing. Classes will end with a final relaxation to make you feel lovely before you go back out into the real world!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to give me a text / call, or contact me via social media.