Fi Hennessy

Pregnancy Massage Specialist

Elisha Collier yoga teacher

My name is Fi and I love everything to do with birth. I was an antenatal teacher for seven years and loved running antenatal classes and baby yoga classes. Covid caused some significant issues though and it coincided with me training to be a massage therapist.

I am now focusing on the pregnancy massage and post-natal massage side of my skills and no longer offer the antenatal side of things.

Specialises in: Pregnancy Massage
Can help you with: Stress & anxiety, aches and pains,
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In the past, I had more of a corporate/sales career but after the birth of my first child, this became very unappealing to return to. The birth of my second child solidified this desire to work in a field I was genuinely passionate about.

I have developed a huge amount of knowledge surrounding fertility, pregnancy and birth over the years and as a result of being an antenatal teacher for seven years.

I have had 4 full-term pregnancies, one miscarriage at 10 weeks and two chemical pregnancies as a result of IVF treatment for a surrogate pregnancy.

You might say I love being pregnant and giving birth! And I would agree. You can read more about my surrogacy journey in HuffPost.

I’ve learned so much through the years, through my own body and through working with many hundreds of families in Sheffield. I am passionate about helping people especially in relation to pregnancy and birth.

If you are looking for a pregnancy massage in Sheffield then you probably want to work with someone who is familiar with pregnant bodies and confident with how to make you comfortable. Having given birth four times I know the challenges of being pregnant and I know just how amazing a good massage can feel!

I am still in training and not yet fully qualified. I only use techniques which I have been trained to use.

For free and low-cost appointments while I train, get in touch.