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Personal Development & Life Coach

Fran Cartawick Personal Development/Life Coach

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Trust me, you are more resourceful than you think, more knowledgeable than you know. All the tools you need for change you already carry within you. Let me be your guide as you walk back home to yourself.

I came to the wonderful and positive role of Personal Development/ Life Coach after many years working in the Voluntary Sector. Having always been interested in the human condition and our ability as humans to change heal and grow I was drawn to the powerful possibilities coaching has to offer.

Over the course of my career I have worked with both individuals and groups in a creative and therapeutic capacity in a broad range of settings. Having consolidated all my work experience along with my own life lessons and experience, I find coaching to be a positive and forward pacing tool for personal and professional transformation in an ever changing world.

I wish to offer my clients a creative and soulful connection during our time together. I will act as a guide for exploration of the self while challenging self limiting beliefs that create blocks to personal growth.

I will help to gently navigate through the often difficult sometimes painful terrain of self discovery and create a clearing for self exploration through both verbal and non verbal creative exercises. These can lead to new awareness, clarity and wisdom

Specialises in: I like to work creatively with clients by holding space for them to explore who they truly are and what they want from their life in order that they can transcend their current situation and self limiting beliefs.

Can help you with: Personal Development/Self Actualisation. Confidence Building. Anxiety. Grief. Relationship Issues. Conflict Resolution. Spiritual path. Self Care & whatever you bring to the table

I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity for personal growth, self love, self reflection and self care. In our coaching sessions I will hold space for you to begin to discover your higher self, your purpose and who you truly are and challenge the self limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Together we will explore your inner and outer landscape and reclaim your power, set goals which will maximise your personal and professional relationships and plant seeds for the next chapter of your life.

Services offered: Person Centred -Personal Development/Life Coaching. Workshops Group Work