Gillian Wood

Solution focused hypnotherapist

Gillian Wood hypnotherapist

I am a solution focused hypnotherapist with over 20 years of primary school teaching experience. I have undertaken specific training in hypnotherapy with children and young people, particularly those with additional needs.

Is your young person’s stress and anxiety causing YOU stress and anxiety? Are they falling behind at school, showing behaviours which challenge or even refusing to attend school?

Are they having sleeping or eating problems and outbursts or withdrawing from family life? Do you dread mornings, meal times and other social situations as you never know how your child will cope? Are you on endless waiting lists for assessments and diagnoses?

I can work with your child to find ways of reducing stress, coping with additional needs and not letting their anxiety dominate and destroy their lives. I will help your child thrive, not survive. Get in touch for an initial chat to see how I can help your child and your family reach their preferred future and bring back some peace.

I also specialise in reducing stress and anxiety for all ages including, phobias (particularly medical/dentist/surgery) weight loss, stopping smoking and general self-confidence and motivation boosting. Make the change you need right now and get in touch.

Specialises in: I have 0ver 20 years teaching experience and specialise in working with young children and teenagers including those with additional needs e.g. Autism, ADHD, social anxiety and school refusal

Can help you with:Anxiety, stress, sleep issues, phobias, smoking cessation, weight loss and management and pre-post surgery anxiety and recovery including chronic pain.
Hello and welcome to Evanwood Therapy. I am Gill Wood and I am a solution focussed hypnotherapist. I specialise in treating anxiety in children, young people and adults and offer a personalised combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to help you achieve your preferred future and live without the burden of anxiety.
I will equip you will the skills to take control your life, your anxiety and to move forwards with positivity and confidence. In addition to being a hypnotherapist I am also a primary school teacher with 20 years’ experience; this means I see first-hand the impact of anxiety in the classroom, particularly post pandemic. I lead the personal development curriculum and anti-bullying programmes in school; therefore, I can tailor my treatment to a child or young person’s needs with expertise and experience that few therapists have.
Anxiety in children can present itself as tummy aches, shaking, sweating, school refusal or reluctance, excessive worrying, lack of appetite or overeating, being suddenly shy or scared. They often have trouble sleeping. Anxious children will often lose their self-confidence or think negatively. I can help break this cycle by educating your child about why they feel they they do and how they can overcome it and fulfil their true potential. My philosophy is based on your child THRIVING, not SURVIVING!
All of the above can also be experienced by adults with anxiety. With solution focussed hypnotherapy, I use the natural state of trance to focus the mind and make suggestions which can be helpful in managing anxiety and stress reduction. I teach how anxiety is created, how our brains work and how we can harness the power of positive thought, positive interaction and positive action in our lives and take control of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Take your first positive action today and book in for an initial consultation to see for yourself how I can help and guide you on your journey to being the person you wish to be.

Why should people consider working with me?

Solution focused therapy does what it says on the tin; it focuses on solutions to problems you may be experiencing, not rehashing or going over old ground and thus creating more anxiety. It is forward looking and empowering, tailored to your personal needs and goals.
It is very effective as in each session I will educate you on how your brain works using the latest neuroscience; how stress, anxiety and depression are created in the brain and most importantly, what can be done about them. Using a mix of psychotherapy and the natural state of trance, I will facilitate the steps you need, the steps you yourself decide on and have control over, to reach your preferred future, free of anxiety, stress and depression.
My therapy will give you lifelong understanding of the way your brain works and strategies to deal with life's ups and downs. Each session follows the same format which reduces anxiety and builds up your knowledge, calmness and resilience until you are where you wish to be. You will receive an audio track to listen to at home which will put you into a wonderful state of relaxation.
Trance is a natural state that we go into many times a day; have you ever driven to work and not quite remembered the journey or daydreamed? With my approach, the power of trance is harnessed to change negative thinking patterns, help you to sleep better and to get all those good chemicals flowing in your brain to make you feel happier, more confident, in control and free of stress, anxiety and depression.
I am a warm and welcoming person and it is an absolute joy for me to work with clients and see them becoming the person they want to be and achieving the goals they set. It really works.

My ideal client

My perfect client would be a child or teenager of any gender who is having issues with anxiety about school They may have ADHD or Autism. They may be refusing or on the cusp of refusing and would love to reduce their stress levels, reduce anxiety and help them with strategies to overcome their fears and get them back into school. I'd also like to empower them with the confidence to self-advocate. I'd also love to help someone who is facing major surgery and is terrified as this is an experience I have had.