Kate Challis

Reiki practitioner

Katie Challis massage therapist

“For the last decade of my adult life, I have had a deep passion for studying, practising and offering wonderful techniques that promote health and well-being for individuals and groups.

I have experienced time and again the profound effect that massage, meditation, movement and a myriad of other traditions can bring in people’s bodies, energies and life.”

Specialises in: Reiki, , Indian Head Massage, Tui Na massage.
Can help you with: , Health and pain management, Relaxation
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I have been trained in and practising alternative therapies for well over a decade now and I love meeting and supporting people in their search for Wellness, as I have been met by so many on my search too!

I began investigating meditation in the mid-2000's and soon I came across Reiki as a practice for myself and others. Since my training began in 2008, it has been a friendly force accompanying me and my clients on our journeys. It is complementary to many other practices and therapies, working with the body, mind and spirit to increase wellness.

About Reiki
Reiki is a blissful healing system. The Universal energy and life-force rolls into your systems and relaxes and energises as needed. It can be effective for pain relief, mental stresses and other complaints. During the treatment, the practitioners hands are placed on or over different areas of the client's body, engaging in particular in areas where there are strong energy points, or areas of concern to the client. The touch is light throughout.

The client may feel some sensations, such as heat, coolness, tingling and pain-relief. It is also fine to drift off and not worry about sensations at all. Some people experience insights in to their own physical, mental or spiritual conditions during a treatment, but of course, letting it wash over in bliss, joy and relaxation is a great way of receiving just what you need.

The treatment tends to attract those seeking stress-relief, managing emotional issues, those with pain complaints or being treated for illness. It may also attract those investigating their spiritual life and meditation practices. All are welcome.

Other complementary therapies available:
Chinese deep tissue massage (Tuina): A clothed treatment with strong rhythmic movements to work into the deep tissues and promote the efficient movement of Qi energy in the body.
Indian Head Massage: A deeply blissful massage into the shoulders, neck, head and face that clears tension and supports well-being as you drift off into a deep state of relaxation.