Kate Challis

Tui Na Massage therapist

Katie Challis massage therapist

“For the last decade of my adult life, I have had a deep passion for studying, practising and offering wonderful techniques that promote health and well-being for individuals and groups.

I have experienced time and again the profound effect that massage, meditation, movement and a myriad of other traditions can bring in people’s bodies, energies and life.”

Specialises in: , Indian Head Massage, Tui Na massage
Can help you with: , Health and pain management, Relaxation

I had my first ever massage when I lived in China in 2002. It was so strong and effective (and a little painful if I’m honest!). I became a regular and marvelled at the changes in my health and understanding of my own body. It was maintenance, a lesson and enjoyable.

It was not until 2008 that I realised that, with the right training, I could offer support to other people in a similar way. At this time I trained in Tui-Na Chinese medical massage and this has remained my favourite style of massage to offer. My ‘bread and butter’ if you like.

I have furthered my training and deepened my practices with Indian head massage, Reiki, Breathwork, Qigong and other wild and wonderful traditional meditations and ceremonies. In my personal life, I work with Buddhist meditations, imaginative journeying, herbal and natural offerings, and I love being active, whether that be walking, dancing, or playing with toddlers at the nursery where I work part-time.

I find such joy in life and I hope to carry that feeling into your treatment as we unwind your hard-working system.

Tui-Na is a strong, firm, clothed massage that uses a sheet to cover the client. This standardises the surface for my techniques and also opens doors for people with allergies, a dislike of oils, or for those who just prefer to stay clothed for any reason. The techniques have developed wonderfully in this way, being direct and rhythmic, relaxing the outer layers before reaching into the deep tissues, supporting your body in its journey to optimal efficiency!

This support often attracts active people, from achy parents to yoga practitioners or any other hard-working individuals. Over the summer months, I work at events and music festivals, where I meet a range of weird and wonderful clients from circus performers to dancers to happy campers. This is a great all-round massage.

I also aim to promote well-being choices for people to take home and I can offer workshops to learn basic massage techniques for friends and families, simple Qigong styles, and also meditation and journeying circles. I am so happy to offer these joys in South Sheffield now!