Kizzy Caruana

Massage and Holistic Therapist

Kizzy Caruana is a massage therapist at the Sheffield Wellness Centre

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Kizzy Caruana

Please note: Kizzy is unavailable for bookings at the moment

We are living in times at the moment that are like no times ever experienced before. There has never been such a time when humans are so connected mentally - yet unconnected, physically.

After the last couple of years, I truly believe that the human race is starving of touch and interaction through one of our most important senses. It is so imperative for our physical and mental health to receive that connection from another human being.

I can help to rebuild that trust that many have lost through isolation, and to bring back a connectedness through mutual respectful interactions. Sometimes we are that disconnected from ourselves that we don’t even like to acknowledge or admit that time for ourselves is missing from our lives. To live in devotion is to make the appropriate time for connection and to truly be able to love yourself.

Services offered: Aromatherapy, massage therapy. hot stone massage, Hopi ear candling, Reiki, Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, massage with specialist Doterra essential oils completely tailored to your needs, Holistic therapy and divination, Astrology consultation and natal birth chart analysis, Tarot reading, The Emotion Code therapy for releasing trapped emotions

Can help you with: Relaxation, stress reduction, getting on the journey back to health, holding space, different modalities of massage therapy, Tarot and Astrology readings, HOPI ear candling, Hot stone massage.

Specialises in: I specialise in holistic therapy and remedial massage. When training as a massage therapist 5 years ago, I had a choice between the holistic or sports massage route. I chose going down the route of practising holistic massage as this is my passion and calling to be able to help people in a relaxed and positive environment. I use my intuitive abilities a lot during massage therapy sessions and am able to connect to the energy of the client and offer healing this way through a symbiotic connection of mind, body and spirit.

Oceana Healing Therapies is a business that I set up a few years ago with the ethos to be able to offer healing to everyone. I have spent the past 5 years working aboard superyachts and have given treatments to some very privileged and wealthy people.

This has led me to the belief that healing should not only be available to those with an excessive amount of income. I wanted to take what I had learnt onboard the ships and offer exactly the same treatment and give the same care and attention during treatments to clients here in my hometown of Sheffield.

I offer alternative healing services and I am currently studying a range of subjects, the main one been Bioresonance therapy, a therapy that I hope to be offering in the very near future. Last year I had the pleasure of studying under an Ayurvedic Doctor and he taught me a love of knowledge about Hinduism and Ayurvedic practices. I worked with him at a spa and detox centre in Costa Rica which was a completely wonderful experience.

I have been studying esoteric practices and practicing inner growth and healing from the past 13 years. I drastically changed my life and improved my wellbeing without been able to access conventional therapy. Through self-help books, introspective practices, astrology, travel and self-evaluation and correcting I am proud to say that I have reached a point in my life where I am truly happy and able to assist others on their life soul journey in this incarnation.

Why you should work with me:

I will completely tailor make your treatment to fit your needs to the best of my ability. The treatment will be completely bespoke to how you would like it to be. I can make up a perfect oil to suit your ailments that you may even take home with you. I have some really good experience working on high profile clients and I strive to give love, care and attention in every single treatment that I provide.