Lee Bacon is a DBT therapist at SWC

Lee Bacon

Radically Open DBT Therapist

Radically Open DBT is a research based treatment for people experiencing problems associated with excessive self-control or overcontrol. This is often linked to social isolation, loneliness, a sense of being 'stuck' with the same routines but finding it difficult to change and connect to the people around them.

Specialises in: RO DBT

Can help you with: Disorders characterised by excessive self-control or overcontrol, such as Depression, Obsessive Compulsive personality disorder and Anorexia Nervosa, which are often linked to social isolation, loneliness, cognitive rigidity, risk aversion, inhibited emotional expression and hyper-perfectionism

Styles of counselling offered:

I offer radically open DBT.

What is Radically Open DBT?

RO DBT is a new transdiagnostic treatment which focuses upon overcontrol. This is characterised by excessive inhibitory control and can be associated with depression, anorexia nervosa, obsessive compulsive disorder and loneliness.

Radical openness, as a way of living, considers three aspects to emotional well-being;

  1. Openness to new experiences and feedback that allows us to learn
  2. Flexible control so that we can adapt to our surroundings
  3. Intimacy and connectedness with at least one other person

RO DBT is delivered through weekly individual therapy sessions and skills classes. If it is not possible to offer skills classes then an extended individual session will be offered to teach the material usually covered in the skills class. There are 30 lessons covered in the skills classes.

I am a Clinical Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience within the NHS mental health services. This includes 15 years leading a DBT service and the last 7 years focused upon RO DBT, both as an individual therapist and the treatment lead for a hospital service.

My specialism in RO DBT commenced with a 10 day intensive training in Exeter (2014) which was facilitated by the treatment developer, Prof. Tom Lynch. I also undergo RO DBT supervision with Dr S Rushbrook, who is an approved RO DBT supervisor and trainer and I am the chair of a National RO DBT online consultation team.

RO DBT allows me the opportunity to deliver an effective treatment to people that have previously found other treatments to be a "poor fit", or have just been "too busy coping" to consider their wellbeing as important.