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Lucy Baraona

I'm Lucy and I am extremely passionate about helping people achieve a calm & positive birth!

I love seeing my clients grow in confidence throughout the course. Realising that birth is something that we are built to do, that our bodies are amazing, and that a truly positive birth experience really is attainable with the right preparation!

The aim of my courses is to give you all the information you need to go into your birth feeling informed, empowered and ready. I believe a positive experience is not about having the perfect birth, but rather understanding your body, the birth process and the maternity system, so that you know what to expect and are able to adapt with each twist and turn your birth may take.

Specialises in: Antenatal Classes with Hypnobirthing

Can help you with: birth preparation, antenatal education, hypnobirthing

I was inspired to start teaching antenatal education & hypnobirthing after having such a positive birth experience myself. Having only really heard negative stories about birth, I was amazed at how truly positive and empowering the experience could be!

After some research I discovered that so many people were not finding the range of information or support they needed during their pregnancy. So I set out to dispel the myths about hypnobirthing, make it part of mainstream antenatal education, and also make sure that my clients knew that there is no such thing as a 'perfect birth', and that you cannot 'do it wrong'.

My goal is to give women and birthing people access to all the information they need, so that they can trust their bodies, remove any fear they have around birth, and make their own decisions about what a positive birth looks like to them.