Mick Dixon is a counsellor at the Sheffield Wellness Centre

Michael Dixon

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Has life been feeling like a struggle lately? Perhaps you have always felt that way? You may be feeling overwhelmed or at a loss to know how to navigate through difficult times. It may be that you want things to be different in your life or to make sense of how you think and feel. Talking within a safe, trusting and confidential relationship gives you the space and the time to explore what's going on for you. Counselling and psychotherapy offers you this space and I could be the person to help you.

Specialises in: 
I am interested in and enjoy working with individuals seeking to understand more of themselves. I have valuable experience of working with adults with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or those who feel their experiences reflect such a diagnosis. I have also worked with individuals experiencing problematic substance use. More generally I see individuals struggling with motivation, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or complex trauma, OCD or ADHD.

Can help you with:
Melancholia, anxiety, loneliness, trauma, illness, inertia, anger, self-criticism or feelings of powerlessness - issues that can sometimes be in conflict with the values we learn through the culture of our upbringing. We can work together to bring new perspectives to your life situation along with resolution. You will begin to understand and learn deeper trust in yourself whilst being understood, respected and cared for.

I’m Mick Dixon - a fully-qualified therapist, with broad-ranging life experiences that help me resonate with the many people I meet in therapy. I offer person-centred counselling. This means I work with the guiding principle that holds a deep trust in a person’s own wisdom to discover the resolutions that work for them. We’ll be having real conversations - human to human.

Others describe me as warm, caring, patient and an excellent listener, though listening is only part of what I offer. My role is to help you make sense of what it is you feel, the stories in your life that you hold close, the beliefs and behaviours that may no longer be serving you and even what the sensations of your body might be trying to tell you.

No matter what you bring to therapy, I will meet you with a genuine desire for connection and understanding. You can expect to be valued and cared for. These are the fundamentals of how we change. We can work together to bring new perspectives to how you view or feel about yourself and your life situation. I can help you begin not only to understand yourself, but to learn deeper trust in yourself. You will find that you feel less weighted down, worried or confused.

Why work with me?

For me, connection is a big theme in therapy. I believe we all need to have meaningful connections to make sense of our existence and for our bodies to remember how safety feels. A trusting and respectful relationship is part of meaningful connection. This is not always easy to come by as it involves showing up as we are - with all of our vulnerabilities. It can be difficult to trust someone else with our doubts, confusion and regrets but my aim is to hold a sacred, caring space where we can explore these innermost experiences to enable you to look to the future with hope and resilience.