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Michelle Yadzi

Welcome to my holistic approach to improving your well-being. Selecting my holistic treatments, together we can enter on a journey towards a more balanced and rejuvenated form of well-being; emotionally, spiritually, physically and psychologically. At some point during our path of life, we struggle with built -up emotions that result in a decline of our well-being.

Crystal therapy benefits can include relaxation, help with chronic pain and reducing the effects of trauma and various other issues that result in our state of dis-ease. So if you need that boost in your life, drop me an email, discuss your requirements and take it from there.

To reclaim and renew your energy, different modes of energy healing are incorporated based on my client's own personal colour mode. Together we can ( I visualise the emotions of each client by the colours they project to me). You as a client project your energy into my energy field where I can detect your dis-ease.

Using my extensive knowledge and communication with crystals, I cover a wide range of therapies. Each session will be tailored and will differ depending on the nature of the concern and how the client progresses. Using my innate energy I connect with the client and the crystals to allow healing to take place.

Specialises in: Crystal Therapy - Facial/head massage - Clear Quartz Eye Therapy - Full Chakra Healing (absent healing included) Safety energy lock clearing/massage (These locks if blocked cause pain leading to various health issues) - Healing Mandala - Revitalising plants - Harmonising energy with spaces (home, office, workshops etc)

Can help you with: My tailored therapies cover almost any issues that are presented. These include: skin disorders, facial skin toning and lifting, clearing water retention, migraine, combating acute pain, eye soother, stress release, promote hair growth, full healing of energy chakras, beauty facial massage, sinus clearing, trauma, insomnia, confidence building, relaxation and crystals for nursing mothers. Absent/Distance healing using the quantum energy field.

I have many years of delivering health care which has cultivated my extensive support with my holistic crystal therapies. Delivering care to individuals of diverse backgrounds, supporting them with their language barriers and cultural backgrounds.

Having travelled and lived in Middle Eastern countries where I later discovered my spiritual path, and where crystals, energy and colours found me. for you to reclaim and renew your energy, different modes of energy healing are incorporated based on their own personal colour mode ( I visualise their emotions and pain by colours they project to me).

Based on this I can intuitively select the crystals by their frequencies and colours towards the therapy program. Graduating as a crystal therapist has allowed me to change the well-being of clients and their approach to their lives. I offer a collective perspective to discovering the the correct therapy for each client that allows me to guide them on their own personal healing journey.

If the client can not be physically present for the therapy, I use the The Quantum energy field and direct the healing in absent mode, with a set intention, we just set a time and you heal.

Crystals act like magnets, they absorb and balance energies which are channelled through our bodily energy pathways and centres that interplay with our cells, organs, emotions and thoughts. Emitting positive, uplifting, calming and energising vibrations, crystals help you achieve a more peaceful mind and revitalised physical state of well-being permeating the entire body with intense waves of joy.

As an alternative approach to your well-being, my therapies can be used alongside traditional medicine. My approach is to incorporate the spiritual and emotional aspect of each client that allows them to heal from deep within.