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Nicola Newton health coach in Nether Edge S7

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If you feel your health is in need of a boost or you suffer from health issues a health coach could be just what you need.

Are you fed up of feeling fatigued, constantly drained and tired with no energy to do the things you love? Brain fog stopping you functioning at your best? Food intolerances, sugar cravings, weight gain, skin issues or anxiety? It can all go around in a vicious cycle one thing leading to another.

You have probably tried a ton of different things and quick fixes, one step forward two steps back, right? I believe taking control of our health starts with the food we choose to eat and the thoughts we choose to think.

We become empowered when we learn how our bodies work and what we can do to make it work better and what to avoid to enhance its performance. I can give you the tools you need to get your health on track and keep on track.

I take a functional nutrition approach, focusing on your unique bio individuality To build you a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you reach your health goals.

Specialises in: fatigue, chronic fatigue/ME and gut issues

Can help you with: Anxiety, weight loss, general well-being , lifestyle overhaul, food intolerance testing

Therapies offered: Health coaching

I'm a qualified health coach, and currently training to be a Nutritional therapist and Naturopath having already completed bio medicine giving me an in-depth understanding of the body and how different body systems work, my training is ongoing so I am constantly widening my knowledge base in all aspects of health and nutrition. I use this knowledge and experience to help my coaching clients to bring about change.

My passion for health and nutrition comes from my own health journey overcoming ME/CFS, coeliac disease and breast implant illness. I struggled for 8 years with my health, I was struggling to look after my children and at times it was so bad I was bed-ridden.

I spent that time constantly researching (when the fatigue and brain fog would allow) how to get myself better and through a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul I managed to get myself to a place of wellness. It has been a long journey but so worth it and it has inspired me to help others who are struggling with their health.
The journey doesn’t have to be so long and hard if you have to right guidance and support and that’s where I come in. I’ve been there and lived it so I understand how hard and frustrating it can be. I take a functional Nutrition approach focusing on your unique bio individuality to build you a detailed personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you reach your health goals.