Owen Grazebrook hypnotherapy

Owen Grazebrook

Hypnotherapist & psychotherapist

We’ve all experienced suffering and it’s okay to admit that there are usually things we can improve about our lives. If it’s not a bad habit, a vice or low motivation, then you have probably experienced anxiety, self doubt or negative self talk to some extent.

Even though your mind can sometimes feel as though it's working against your best interests, you have an almost unlimited capacity to heal, create and relate when your nervous system and thoughts are working in harmony.

With hypnotherapy I can help you unlock that potential.

Specialises in: I've especially enjoyed seeing results with clients who suffer from anxiety & stress or depression.
Can help you with: Anxiety, depression, OCD, confidence, smoking, weight management, chronic pain, IBS, stress, phobias.

At Harmony Hypnosis I use ‘solution focused therapy’, which means that the focus is not on the problem, but instead working toward the solution. No one knows you better then you and I help people find the resources already inside them in order to lead a happier and more tranquil life; the life you deserve. Practices such as meditation have helped me a lot over the years, but something else was missing and that’s where hypnosis comes in.

Hypnotherapy and NLP allowed me to really take control of my thoughts and put an end to my anxiety. Now I want nothing more than to help others and I feel blessed that I can. Did you know that up to 95% of your brain and body activity is beyond your conscious awareness? Your unconscious mind is such a big part of your life that it can’t be ignored and it’s got incredible healing capacity.

Although I integrate some aspects of cognitive therapy (such as CBT) this is just a small part of a toolbox that I use. Because so much of our behaviour and actions happen unconsciously, hypnosis is incredibly powerful for creating a positive outlook and breaking out of old negative patterns. Making an appointment will be the first small step on your journey to a better future. Sooner or later you’ll easily realise that it’s an investment worth making.