Nutritionist Paul Kay

Paul Kay


I have always possessed a natural, organic believe and approach to health, which remains with me today. I have a passion for cooking, creating wonderful colourful and nutritious food. My favourite part of doing what I do is giving nutritional help and support, and imparting knowledge to those who are open to creating a healthier life for themselves through healthy eating. When asked “who is your ideal client” then my answer is everyone.

Life is short and by making healthier food choices, I believe we can not only live longer but we can also have a better quality of life.

Specialises in: Nutrition

Can help with: Weight loss

My interest in nutrition began at around 14 years old when I started to attend a local gym. After a few years, I literally went from strength to strength and soon progressed to entering Natural Bodybuilding competitions, going on the win my first show at the age of 16. My fitness loves are cycling, training at the gym several days a week, and also attend regular boot camp fitness sessions every week in the park.

I have been a Registered Nutritionist since 2012, I trained with the College of Naturopathic Medicine and am a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT). As part of personal ongoing training, I regularly attend Nutritional training events and conferences for Continued Professional Development.

One to One Nutrition Consultations

Tailored to your individual needs and requirements, my one to one consultations will last one hour, we will discuss your current dietary habits, lifestyle and medical history.

With this information I can then create your personalised nutrition plan. I will then see you again for a follow-up consultation four weeks later, during which we can analyse how you feel and evaluate your progress, and refresh or adjust your nutrition plan.

My goal as a nutritionist is to take a look at what you love about food and what you don’t before giving you some simple yet effective steps to help bring your health back into balance. If there is a specific issue on your mind, from budget to weight loss, I’ll give you the tools you need to overcome it and achieve better, optimum health.