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Peter Rawling is a therapist at the Sheffield Wellness Centre

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Paul Rawling

I wonder if you feel stuck in the same patterns and feel change is just for other people? Or maybe you feel so anxious that you can't live life how you want it, and you're not sure whether that will ever change? Perhaps even in really low moments you feel that life might not be worth it at all?

My own and my client's experience is that there is always hope, that remarkable change is possible and that the power to live a meaningful, fulfilling life is within all of us. Sometimes we just need someone to help us to get there.

Perhaps I could be that person for you?

Specialises in: I am open to working with clients with a multitude of issues, however I have a particular passion for working with clients who experience suicidal thoughts, and those who feel depressed and anxious.

Can help you with: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, spiritual issues, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, alcohol use, anger management, bereavement, coping strategies, relationship issues, school issues, teen violence, trauma and PTSD.

I understand my job as providing a space for you where you feel cared for no matter what you say or have done, to help you understand yourself better and to help you to bring change about in your life. I believed we change when we are cared for unconditionally; that whatever we reveal about ourselves, even the bits we hope no-one ever sees, we will still be cared for.

I also believe that we need someone who will truly listen to us, both what we're saying and what we're not and who can see the parts of us that we cannot. We also need someone who has done the work on themselves so that they are clear what is theirs and what is yours.

I see my job as providing that for you, so that you can change. I understand a big part of being a therapist is to empathetically understand your experience and to communicate that understanding to you. What that means in practice is that there are often parts of ourselves that we're not aware of. I use music to play those parts of you, so that you can hear it and accept parts of yourself that are pushed down or ignored.

When we understand all the parts of ourselves and have come to accept them, then the potential to grow and change is remarkable and unstoppable.

Why should you consider working with me

I have an ability to truly understand my clients, to be able to see the things they can't see about themselves and then to find ways to communicate that to them. I do this using talking and improvising music. I record the music and send it to my clients and this has been truly significant moments for my clients.

My clients have described it as 'revelatory', 'remarkable', 'one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever had' and 'something I will treasure forever'. I also try to work myself out of a job. Some therapists believe that it is crucial to not challenge their clients, or to point something out they haven't seen. My view is that each session costs you money, and so if I think that telling you something you haven't seen about yourself will help you to change then I will do it.

I will also challenge you if I think you are avoiding talking about something difficult. Therapy with me is not usually easy and relaxed (though it can be!), but it is effective. When my clients talk about our sessions together, they talk about feeling that they can say anything and they 'will not be judged', and how freeing that is. I 'point out things that [they] had no idea about, which are so so helpful', and that I 'just get it'.

My ideal client

I can work with any gender. I have worked to support young people questioning their gender and identity, and who would describe themselves as non-binary, though most of my experience is with men and women. The age I have the most experience with is young people aged 12 upwards and young adults up to the age of 35.

I have lots of working with young people and adults from a British Pakistani background. I have worked to provide therapy to lots of teachers: I understand the unique complexity and stressors of working in a school. I also enjoy working with Muslims and Christians. I have a background within a Christian community and appreciate the impact and mixed emotions that clients can have from their experience there. My experience is also that there are real similarities between the experiences of people growing up within Christian and Muslim contexts.