Ben Webster counsellor and psychotherapist

Rheanna Griffin

Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultant and massage therapist

Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient holistic medical system that can achieve results with a large variety of ailments, both mental and physical.

Not only can it aid the recovery from illness but it can help someone develop a greater understanding of their unique constitution and the tools to find their own balance in the future.

I offer Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle guidance with supportive herbal medicine and authentic Ayurvedic massage therapy with marma point manipulation for a truly holistic approach.

Specialises in: Alternative therapy
Can help you with: Nutrition, massage therapy,

I came across this ancient medical system when I was struggling myself with a long list of ailments and felt like I had tried everything to no avail. I had been given countless courses of antibiotics and felt very weak, there didn't seem to be a way out and the medical professionals suggested that this was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Frustrated and confused I kept researching.

On finding Ayurveda I was immediately intrigued by the personalised nature of the medicine and how it was able to link all my symptoms together. By developing a deeper understanding of my constitution and what that meant for me in terms of health, diet and lifestyle, within just 5 months, all of my long term symptoms had almost completely disappeared. Through studying this medicine I have now developed a much closer relationship with myself and feel empowered to re-find my balanced state whenever challenges come. It has enhanced my relationships though a deeper understanding of the doshas /'birth types' and what this means for the dynamics between individuals and their needs in different situations.

Above all, on completing my studies and working with this medicine for several years now, I have had the absolute privilege of seeing many others recover from mental and physical health issues, delve deeper into who they are and live a more balanced, authentic and fulfilled life.

How do consultations work?

Your first consultation will be around 1:30-2 hours in length and will include an in depth look into your life so far as well as your current situation/complaints/issues. You will leave with some personalised dietary and lifestyle guidance and any relevant herbal medicine.

Some clients just want to try one consultation to gain a deeper understanding of themselves but if we are working with a particular imbalance/illness it's usually recommended to come back each month/every three weeks for a 45 min session until we have a positive change in the condition and individual feels confident and able to keep going alone.

At this point clients might come back for a general support session every 2-6 months but this is all completely dependant on their requirements and desires.

Ayurvedic massage ranges from a full body 2:30h massage to a simple ayurvedic 20min facial depending on the clients needs. It's great to discuss this on the phone or take a look at my website to understand the options in greater depth.

Ayurvedic relationship advice is covered in your main sessions if it has implications of your health but I also run it as a separate session for people wanting to specially work in this area. An understanding of Ayurveda can be very beneficial in relationships as different dosha work with each other in interesting and different ways. Understanding these dynamics and the complex needs of each dosha can deepen our relationships and assist us in creating a community of people that help us sustain our natural balance.