Sarah Thompson counsellor

Sarah Thompson

Counsellor & CBT therapist

You may be considering seeing a Counsellor to help you in making a change to your thoughts, feelings or beliefs. Maybe someone told you that counselling worked for them and you wondered if it could work for you (it could!) Maybe you’re here because you have tried lots of other ways of changing but they didn’t quite work out for you and you feel this is the only option left.

Whatever the reasons for you wanting to work with me I would be only too happy to have a chat with you about your circumstances and your goals for the future

Specialises in: Integrative Counselling, Person Centred, CBT, Play Therapy

Can help you with: Anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, Self Harm, Family issues, Grief, heath issues, bullying and many more.

I offer an integrative approach in counselling and offer a free initial assessment over the phone. The first face to face meeting is often a get to know you session.

I will not be interrogating you about your past, taking you back to confront childhood issues, your relationship with parents or past trauma would not be included in sessions but would be something to discuss when your ready.

My approach is very much an integrative approach using person centred but with bits of other therapies included, like CBT, solution focused, but always putting you, the client first.

My approach is to help you to get a better alternative clear in your mind, familiar and expected. With this better alternative in mind, you can begin to see more clearly what it is that you can do to be more how you would rather be and to move past the limiting attitudes and behaviours of the past.

What do I need to get started? Bring an open mind to sessions and be open to communicating.