Teri Spinks counsellor at the Sheffield Wellness Centre

Teri Spinks

Reiki Therapist

Are you curious about energy healing? The healing I offer uses a combination of Reiki and Quantum Touch. Used alongside Reiki - Quantum Touch is like going from a broadband speed of 11 MBPS to 250 MBPS!

It can be very powerful and allows me to target specific areas that need healing - like something physical for example or maybe emotional states. It can be transformational for some people and the healing potential has no limits. Each session will be unique.

Therapies & services offered: Reiki/Energy Healing

Can help you with: relaxation, healing emotional and physical

Energy healing is not not commonly understood - its not woo woo, its the transformation of vibrational energy that every living creature oscillates at, as healers we are working on changing the frequency that you oscillate at.

I also combine treatments with crystals to amplify the quality of the energy and encourage more powerful changes. I have used energy therapies in the background of all my holistic work for many years. It is a beautiful and relaxing therapy. There is no substitute for experience in this field and I understand the skeptical mind, so I will happily share with you that I was one of those minds myself for many years until I experienced my first Reiki treatment.

I think the therapist deliberately 'blew my socks off' just to make sure I was convinced. I was 3 months pregnant at the time - I just remember feeling ecstatically light and happy with so much energy for days afterwards - I couldn’t stop smiling. The experience itself was extremely relaxing too, drifting in and out of a really beautiful dreamlike state.

You can also have this energy therapy alongside any conventional treatment or medicine you are taking, even safely after any treatment for cancer, for recovery or during ongoing care, and of course during pregnancy. This same therapy is endorsed for terminal care in NHS hospitals. This treatment can be very powerful and can unblock emotions that are stuck, (also great for anxiety / and or depression) to relax you, and commonly it may trigger your body to detox - so make sure you have regular access to a toilet and an early night planned!

Generally delivered on a couch or chair. Sessions take up to an hour. Whether you want to just try a session or want regular treatments contact me to book. If you are unsure - want to know a little more... please ring me... always happy to talk.