Vicky Banks Reiki practitioner

Vicky Banks

Reiki therapist

I am a reiki master and believe everybody has the power to heal when given the right environment and tools to do so. I provide a relaxing and safe environment where you can completely relax and let go of all your troubles. I believe that every client is different and I provide a holistic treatment that can facilitate deep healing. Reiki is a bit like been in a dream-like state.

Specialises in: Reiki
Can help you with: Anxiety and stress, Relaxation

What is reiki?

Reiki involves the laying of hands from the therapist on the client. Depending on the preference of the client there does not have to be physical contact and the therapist’s hands can be just above the client’s body. This holistic healing treatment can stimulate the body’s immune system and helps bring about self-healing by working on an emotional, mental and physical level. I believe that everybody has the power to self-heal when given the right tools and environment to do so.

What happens in a reiki session?

During Reiki, if a client is unable to lie down on the treatment table I can easily adapt my techniques to away that is best suited to a client’s needs and wishes. After a Reiki treatment, it is important for a client to have a drink of water and ground themselves before leaving the treatment room.