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In these Covid afflicted times things are very much up in the air in many senses. We are told to stay home but to work if we can. If we can go into the office, do, but don't if you can help it. This is assuming that you have a job where you can remote work and then assumes that you have a space outside work where you can get quietness and a great internet connection for video conferencing.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have the circumstances that allow for working from home though. There are a whole lot of assumptions behind the concept of working from home and for many people this just is not something they can do.

Working from home just isn't an option for some people

If you are one of those people who has to get work done without going into an office or visiting clients/customers but can't do your job effectively from home you might be stuck in a state of limbo. There could be all sorts of reasons why working from home is not possible. These commonly include:

  • Poor internet speeds - If you have to do video conferences or upload/download large files and have a slow connection at home it could have a significant impact on just what you can do.
  • Noisy environment - if the neighbours are having an extension built or there is a baby in the house then getting a quiet work environment may be all but impossible.
  • Safety - If there is difficulty working safely and securely at home you may need a space where you can go to get work done.
Working fome home is too noisy for this man

Get these benefits when you hire office space from us

contactless office hire

Contactless use

You can use our offices for hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and when you do there is no-one else you have to deal with to get access. Just let yourself in at the time you booked and make yourself at home.
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Superfast broadband

Superfast broadband

Our business-class superfast fibre broadband will be more than sufficient for video conferencing, downloading and uploading large files and anything else you need to do. All uncapped and free of charge.
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no contract office hire

No contracts

Life changes fast at the moment so we offer an easy in/easy out arrangement. Just pay hourly for what you need with no minimum term contracts or obligations. Or pay a flat rate monthly and use the space month to month.

contactless office hire

Low cost

Because our office hire rates are adaptable to you and your needs you can pay for what you need. We offer rooms by the hour or you can pay a flat rate to have 24/7 sole use of a room.
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Superfast broadband

Book the time you need

Our system is very flexible. If you want a room for one hour, we can do that. If you want 9 to 5 every weekday, we can do that too. If your schedule is variable we can accommodate that too.
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no contract office hire

Online booking

Access the booking system whenever you want. See what is available in real time and book quickly and easily. Get a confirmation immediately and you know for sure that the room is yours

inclusive bills are standard

Inclusive billing

You pay one flat rate, whether you are using a  room for an hour or a month. The one bill includes heat, WiFi, utilities and business rates. There will be no hidden extras of any kind. We promise.
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How much do our offices cost?

This is the big question that most other places will hide. They do a "POA" (price on application) thing which is just annoying, we think. You have a budget, we get that. You have some money to spend but not a fortune.

The great news for you is that we always try to over-deliver and provide huge value for money, regardless of how many hours you might be using our rooms for per week. We have 2 options when it comes to room hire.

  1. Pay per hour - Book a room through our online booking system and pay a bill at the end of the month for what you used. Rates can be as low as £10 per hour.
  2. Pay monthly - If you want to use the office for a large number of hours or just want your own space that no-one else will use then our monthly option will suit you better. For just £250 per month, you get exactly what your business needs. 

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The reviews of our rooms are in!

Po Stoneman
Po S.
Beautiful place. So many different things going on. Peaceful and excellent service.
Katherine Hildyard
Katherine H.
Lovely therapy rooms for hire. The centre is set in a peaceful and calm environment away from the hustle and bustle. Beautifully decorated. Professional and well run, easy to access for therapists looking to book a room for private practice.
Nadine Khayat
Nadine K.
I first went to the Sheffield Wellness Centre to attend a sound bath. I fell in love with the place and its energy, the studio was just so calm and welcoming. I have since then joined the practice and couldn't be more excited as the studio and therapy rooms for hire are just what is needed to build a safe and calm practice! Richard has been very helpful in setting things up and iim super excited to work more
Hooha Photography
Hooha P.
Lovely peaceful premises, beautifully kept. Run by the most lovely, helpful and friendly people. A great place to come for any type of treatment or to hire the rooms. If only more places were run as well as this one! Fantastic!
Jonny Woodall
Jonny W.
I rented a room at SWC as and when i needed it for a short time. Whilst i was there the rooms were always spotless, the booking system was efficient and Richard (the owner/manager) was always prepared to go the extra mile to help make my experience better.Highly recommended clinic/wellness centre with lots of experienced therapists and practitionersread more
i used the Wellness Centre main room for a photoshoot ... The light was perfect, the environment clean and pleasing and the people lovely. It is a such a lovely environment in which to work and the calming and easy feel of the place unmistakable. While A photoshoot is not the primary role of the Wellness Centre I can highly recommend it should you want to use it as such ... And other wise ... It is just a lovely calming environment to use and the guys who run it lovely!!!!read more
Viviane Ferraz
Viviane F.
I couldn't recommend Natalia enough! I have been treated by her and her essences for over a year now and we have gone through different levels of healing processes that I needed to go through. The powerful drops prepared for you at the end of the session gives you the extra help that you need to face your challenges... Thank you ever so much Nah! For the healing reiki sessions, the essences treatments and all the generosity and knowledge you bring and mix from your long time experience as a therapist; which makes your sessions unique and rich in love, faith and hope!!! �read more
Moko Physiotherapy
Moko P.
I was looking for a space to rent for physiotherapy use in Sheffield and came across the Sheffield Wellness Centre. Rich has been really helpful in sharing his experiences and tips of the trade when setting up a wellness business. The centre has recently been refurbished and the processes of booking the room seem very simple and easy to use. I look forward to working out of the Sheffield Wellness more
Shuna Beckett
Shuna B.
I've had two massages with Fi at the Wellness Centre 'so far' and both times I've come away feeling like a different person. Fi not only has magic healing hands that make you feel wonderful with every touch, but she treats you with such calm and gentle compassion that this is a really holistic therapeutic experience. Definitely recommendread more
Donna Jane Moran
Donna Jane M.
Fantastic facilities, beautiful treatment rooms, efficient service and affordable room rental. Couldn't ask for more. 5 star rating.
Lin Debenham
Lin D.
Although based in Chesterfield I have been looking to expand my hypnotherapy practice into the Sheffield area but was having difficulty in locating a suitable therapy room for hire. I then decided to do a search for "therapy room for hire" and "hypnotherapy in Sheffield" and one of the options which came up was the Sheffield Wellness Centre on Abbeydale Road. When looking at the website, the premises looked exactly what I was looking for so I made an appointment to view. The Sheffield Wellness Centre exceeded my expectations. It is in a convenient location and has all the facilities I have been looking for, including an online booking service. The therapy rooms are tastefully decorated and furnished and it will be a pleasure to work with my clients more
Rent office space 1

More details about our office space to rent

covid secure office for hire

Contactless use

Your safety and security is a prime consideration. When you hire our office spaces you will be able to use it without having to interact with others. Reducing contact with others reduces the chance of Covid. We have a regular and deep cleaning routine for every workspace available and you would be the only person in the room that you hire.
office with fast broadband

Superfast broadband

Our broadband is business standard fibre and is more than sufficient for everyone in every office space we have for hire to do all the things they need to do without fear of running out of bandwidth. All our rooms have superfast broadband as standard and included in the price
rent an office with no contract

No contracts

Times are strange. We understand that you might need a private office space for hire for one meeting or maybe you need a space Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm for the next 4 months. Who knows how plans may change from one day to the next as well. We can roll with and adapt to your needs. With no contract, no minimum term or allocated hours we can adapt to fit your needs as they are now and as they might be in the future
inclusive bills for office hire

Inclusive billing

Your bill will be clear and straight forward. You will know exactly what is happening as our bills are completely inclusive. All electricity, water, business rates and fibre broadband costs are included in the price. You will never be surprised by your bill, that's a promise.
rent an office with no contract

Book just the time you need

If you need to have a permanent one person office we can do that on a month by month contract. Easy.

If, however, you only need a short amount of office time per week or per month you probably won't want to pay for a permanent office space. But then how do you find a space to work from? Our office space for hire can be rented by the hour for as little or as much as you like.

Book an office space online

Online booking

You want a booking system for office hire that is simple and straight forward and that is exactly what we offer. As a member, you will be able to sign in to the online booking system and book a room for an amount of time that you want. No mess. No hassle.

An added bonus is that, thanks to the automation in the building, the heating will come on in your room 30 minutes before you arrive so it will be toasty warm.

"Wonderful, calm and beautiful."

We are delighted to share our customer reviews and thank you all for supporting our ever-growing family run business in Sheffield.


Charlotte G.
Very comfy, well presented therapy rooms. Ideal for practitioners and so easy to book through the online booking system. I look forward to building my practice here!
Sarah B
I was extremely impressed when I first met Richard, he was kind, informative and genuinely interested in my profession, we chatted for ages and there was no rush. I was in need of a therapy space to work privately and was definitely not dissapointed once shown round the rooms. They are spacious, well equiped and a competitive rate per hour. Richard even went the extra mile (after listening to how I work) by buying and placing something in one the rooms which I can use with my clients. He did not need to do this, but shows how much he cares about the professionals and clients who come to the Wellness Centre.I am thrilled to be using the rooms at the Wellness Centre and look forward to what they hold for my clients.Thank you Richard!!read more
Rent office space 1

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