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Sound baths are extremely effective in encouraging greater relaxation and releasing tension. Unlike other meditations you don’t have to do anything other than lie down and listen. It is a fast, effective and easy way to enter a deeply meditative state.

Sound Tonic sound baths use Himalayan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls and some gentle percussion to create vibrations for your mind, body and soul to bathe in.

Attendees describe the experience as ‘mind-emptying’ rather than mindful, saying that after a session, your brain actually feels clear and light. The sounds are completely enveloping; like a sonic massage, but without being touched.

Benefits of sound baths

  • Calmer and more relaxed
  • Helps to relieve anxiety
  • Decreases stress levels
  • Classes are held on a Sunday helping to alleviate the Monday morning blues

Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions about sound baths

This one of the most popular sound bath videos on Youtube and is well worth a listen if you want to get a feel for what it can sound like.

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Sally playing her singing bowls

Sally playing her singing bowls

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Lynn F.
I am delighted to now be part of the Sheffield Wellness as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist. The centre is a hidden gem in Sheffield, off Abbeydale road with an independent local café in the courtyard. The counselling rooms are exactly what I'm looking for for my practice, and Rich has been supportive, welcoming and flexible every step of the more
Sound Baths  3

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