Pregnancy Massage in Sheffield

Pregnancy massage can be just the thing for deep relaxation

A pregnancy massage is like nothing else. At the point where you are feeling heavy, tired and achy it is the one thing that could help you ease all three issues.

Getting some time to rest and unwind could make a huge difference to the course of your pregnancy, especially if the massages happen over the course of the pregnancy.

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Pregnancy massage can ease your aches away

When a woman is pregnant the tendons throughout the body become more soft and this can affect your joints and lead to aches and pains. Our pregnancy massage therapists are highly trained and this means that they will only ever massage in a way that takes into account the changes that happen to the body before birth.

How do I book a pregnancy massage?

If you are ready for deep relaxation and calmness? Or would you like to give that as a gift to someone who is pregnant? If so, we are here to help you.

Book a massage
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Your massage therapist...

Hi, my name's Fi. I own and run Bumps & Births  and have been working with pregnant women since 2013. I'm a member of The Daisy Foundation and I am passionate about everything to do with pregnancy and birth.

The opportunity to add pregnancy massage into my perinatal services at the centre was too good to pass up which is why I am so excited about this next chapter. Being able to offer this proven and effective therapy is wonderful and I can't wait to share it with you.

I know how challenging pregnancy can be

If you have never been pregnant before you may have difficulty appreciating just how difficult it can be to move around when you are carrying a baby (or two!) There are some spas and massage centres who use a standard massage bench for pregnancy massage but these can make it very difficult for the mum to be to access.

Moving round on a massage bench in your third trimester is not only a fairly undignified affair but can also be rather unsafe.

It is for this reason that we have developed a floor based massage process for pregnant mums.

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Your questions about pregnancy massage ....answered

My availability

At the present time Fi is training to be a massage therapist. She has been signed off in using the techniques she uses and Fi is fully insured. She also has an extensive knowledge of pregnancy and birth due to having been an antenatal teacher for years.

How much does a pregnancy massage cost?

As part of her training Fi is giving some massages for free but at the moment is not taking on paying clients. Get in touch to check her availability and to book.

The benefits of pregnancy massage

Massage can be very beneficial for most people regardless of whether they are pregnant or not. There are potentially several benefits to getting a massage prenatally or postnatally.

Is it safe to get a massage while pregnant?

A pregnant woman holding her bumpMany mums to be might want to get a pregnancy massage but wonder, is it safe to get a massage while pregnant? The answer in short is yes! Most therapists will massage a pregnant person once they are past the first trimester.

This is just because the risk of miscarriage is higher and although a massage would be very unlikely to cause a miscarriage it’s perhaps better safe than sorry. Towards the end of pregnancy as your bump is bigger and perhaps more uncomfortable it is safer and easier to massage in a side lying position on the floor or well supported on a massage bench.

This stops the weight of your bump from pressing on veins and arteries and causing discomfort. A good massage therapist will take a detailed history to help them understand your pregnancy journey and what you most need from a massage.

This will help them to avoid doing anything which may be unsafe or unsuitable for you. Getting a massage while pregnant can be a wonderful way to help ease the aches and pains on your ever changing body.

Find a massage therapist who is qualified, insured and confident to work with pregnant bodies, ideally someone who specialises in pregnancy massage.

Remember to ask questions, get prepared, book an appointment and enjoy!

Is it safe to get a massage in early pregnancy?

positive pregnancy testEarly pregnancy can be a fraught time and whilst you may want a massage you might want to know if it's safe to get a massage in early pregnancy? Early pregnancy is usually considered the first few weeks up to the end of the first trimester or 12th week.

You might even have had a massage before even knowing you were pregnant, there is nothing to worry about. There is little evidence to suggest that massage would harm an early pregnancy or that it would not be safe to get a massage in early pregnancy.

However most massage therapists will prefer to massage you beyond the first trimester. Early pregnancy can be a tiring time, most pregnant people experience some degree of tiredness, sickness or other symptoms which means that actually getting out for a massage appointment can seem a pretty tall order.

The risk of miscarriage is higher in early pregnancy and drops off after the end of the first trimester, for this reason it would be as well to wait until you feel better and have progressed in the pregnancy a little further.

Where can I get a prenatal massage?

A map of SheffieldYou might be wondering where you can get a pregnancy, or prenatal, massage. Prenatal simply means before birth. You can get a pregnancy massage at The Sheffield Wellness Centre with trainee massage therapist Fi Hennessy.

You probably want to get a pregnancy massage with someone who is confident and aware of your pregnant body. Fi has been working at an antenatal teacher since 2013 and has a wealth of experience working with pregnant people. She is fully insured and currently training with the MTI accredited Sheffield Centre for Massage Training to gain her diploma in therapeutic massage.

What happens during a pregnancy massage?

a woman with questionsIf you’ve booked an appointment and are wondering what happens during the pregnancy massage, let me take you through it. Prior to the massage appointment you should be told where to go and if you need to bring anything.

I usually advise that you don’t need to bring anything unless you have a favorite cushion or support that would make you feel comfortable. When you arrive your therapist should take time to make you comfortable, give you water, and explain the process to you.

A medical history should be taken to help the therapist understand your particular situation, any medical concerns you may have which may affect how the massage is carried out. For example if you have PGP or SPD you may be worried about getting onto the massage bench or turning over.

The therapist will then advise you on what happens next, how much to undress, how to get on the massage surface and what bolsters will be used. The therapist will be out of the room during this time to give you privacy. You can signal if you are ready or the therapist will knock and ask.

Before the massage begins the therapist will position bolsters and cushions around you to ensure your comfort. The towel or covering will then be secured in such a way that your modesty is preserved but the therapist can access the parts of your body to be massaged, so your back, shoulders and legs for example.

Depending on what you have agreed you may need to turn over part way through. Once the massage is finished the therapist will let you know and will leave the room again to allow you time and privacy to get up and dressed. They should then offer post massage after care advice such as keeping hydrated and resting if needed.

More space + more comfort = relaxation

prenatal massage The massage itself is done in The Studio at the Wellness Centre so there is plenty of room for you and your therapist to be comfortable for the duration of the session.

The massage area is tastefully decorated in order to be a soothing and tranquil space. The mum to be lies on a 'throne' made of pregnancy beanbags, memory foam cushions and soft blankets. Fi has found this is the best way to have an accessible area that moulds to the needs of each individual woman. Fi's technique is to kneel beside the pregnant mum rather than have her get onto a massage couch. This reduces the risks associated with being higher off the groumd on a bench which is quite narrow and not suitable to the prenatal massage approach.

Your sense of smell is likely to be a lot more sensitive during pregnancy so a range of scent-free oils are available for your massage. The room also has relaxing music available for the duration of your massage but equally the room can just be nice and quiet.

Regular massages could make a big difference

A massage could make a huge difference to how you feel as well as how you think and it is for this reason that many mum's to be have several massage sessions throughout their pregnancy. They become a real focal point for the week and the release of oxytocin and endorphins can lead to a real up lift in mood.

Tailored care with an expert therapist

Your pregnancy massage therapist will always ask you before the session as to how your health has been before the massage begins so that the treatment can be tailored to you and your needs. Be sure to tell them of any particular aches and pains as they will do their very best to either treat them during the session or work around them by making you as comfortable as possible.

"Wonderful, calm and beautiful."

We are delighted to share our customer reviews and thank you all for supporting our ever-growing family run business in Sheffield.


Andleeb M.
I had a wonderful experience with Richard, He is very friendly, I found it really easy to talk to him. He has all the qualities of a Good Hypnotherapist. I would recommend all my friends to him. And trust me it was first time I met him and it was great.
Emma P.
Lovely yoga room perfect for small classes or workshops. Looking forward to doing some yoga there soon!
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