What is Tuina massage therapy?

Tuina (pronounced "twee-naa") is a form of deep tissue massage that developed in China. It uses rhythmic and firm techniques, that are quite different from many other types of massages. Practitioners may roll their knuckles over the muscles and tendons, create linear pressure with hands, fingers and forearms, or press and release affected areas.

Tuina is a part of the traditional Chinese Medicine system, and as such has developed techniques that work deeply into the body's tissues, but which also utilise principles relating to the energetic systems, such as the Qi Meridians and Acupressure points. We can access these wells of energy and help support their efficiency.

What do does Tuina do?

Tuina effects your body in a number of ways.

Tuina promotes the flow of blood and Qi

It promotes the flow of blood and Qi, which can bring nutrients and helpful energies back into blocked or depleted areas and it can help flush out stagnation, tension and ease the effects of injuries.

Tuina stretches fibres

It also stretches the deep tissue fibres, so your muscles get a bit of a work-out, undoing knots and relieving aches. A treatment may also work into certain acupressure points, perhaps around an affected joint, or into the neck or head, providing pain relief and promoting improved circulation.

Tuina supports your immune system

It can support the immune system and promote your body's own healing capacity. When there is pain or injury in the body, some people may feel sensitivities during a session, but these can be managed and ultimately the most supportive and effect techniques will be applied.

What issues could Tuina help to deal with?

Tuina may support the alleviation of

  • headaches
  • toothache
  • sinus problems
  • neck difficulties
  • frozen shoulders
  • arthritic joints and other conditions.

Often clients feel invigorated after a Tuina session. Some people may experience deep relaxation, and a sense of comfort and a softening.

Tuina could help reduce pain

Pain relief is often commented on. As such it can be deeply effective as a short-term commitment or a one-off. However, with ongoing conditions, many people use this deeply effectual treatment on a regular basis as maintenance and as a commitment to their own optimum health.

Who is Tuina for?

Although Tuina is a strong massage it is sensitive and responds to the client's body and needs. In this way it can be adapted for many different body types. Whilst there is always an element of taste and preference involved when choosing your treatments, it is good to know that Tuina can incorporate your needs.

Older people and children alike can enjoy the robust support offered, as well as hard-working bodies of any age. Work tensions, parental pressures, sports injuries or simply accidental aches and strains can be alleviated with a Tuina treatment.

What happens at a Tuina session?

After arriving you will come into the room and if it is your first visit we shall have a consultation to see what your needs and limitations are. If you have any injuries or conditions that might be affected by the treatment, but can discuss them.

We usually start the massage face-down on the table, and as it is a clothed massage, there is no need to undress, although removing shoes, belts, jewelry etc is recommended. In order to standardise the surface for my hands, a cotton sheet is laid over the client.

Some people worry that the clothes or cloth might stop the techniques from working but I can assure you that they definitely work! These are thin layers and the techniques have been designed for the best amount of pressure and friction for the purpose. After the treatment we can discuss after-care and take a few minutes to prepare for going back out into the world.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water or herbal teas after a deep tissue treatment to support your body in clearing out the products of the healing process, and also allowing your cells to have access to full hydration. Feedback on the treatment is welcome.

Tuina therapist available at Sheffield Wellness Centre

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