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At Sheffield Wellness Centre, we offer a wide range of therapies for the mind. Our services may help if you've been suffering from common mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, or depression.

We offer therapies and alternative treatments that involve talking about any issues you've been facing with a trained professional. We provide a calming and supportive atmosphere and nurture an amazing therapeutic relationship where you can feel safe to share your thoughts, feelings, behaviour, and any problems you're going through. Our primary objective is to help you move forward and solve the issues, not just talk about them.

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Therapies and Practices

We offer a variety of mind therapy services that may improve the quality of life for clients. If you're looking for a hypnotherapist to help you lose weight or quit smoking, or would like to speak to a counsellor about anxiety, grief or loss, we have something to suit every wellness journey. Our methods are tailored to individual needs, as we believe that the diagnosis does not define you.

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Mind therapies and services

How do I book a session? Choose a wellness therapy, treatment, class or service to meet the practitioners that specialise in this area. You can find different ways to contact them on their profile page.

hypnotherapy could help you change


A natural, powerful and swift set of techniques ideal for help you to think, act or feel more like how you would like to.
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CBT could help you take control

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Get help to consciously and methodically work through the blockages that used to hold you back.
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a comfortable counselling chair


Sometimes talking to someone who is properly listening can make all the difference. You are not alone and things can change.
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mindfulness services


Mindfulness can help you take control of your own life. It can help reduce stress and prevent depression.
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life coaching could help you find your way

Life coaching

Having some help to identify strengths and develop a plan for helping you achieve your goals could be just what you need.
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Mind practitioners

How do I book a session? Choose a wellness therapy, treatment, class or service to meet the practitioners that specialise in this area. You can find different ways to contact them on their profile page.

Angela Crawford - Hypnotherapist

Angela Crawford

Hypnotherapist & CBT therapist
07492 735061
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Chalotte Gutu counsellor

Charlotte Gutu

07849 658485
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Richard Hennessy hypnotherapist

Richard Hennessy

Hypnotherapist & clinic manager
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Helen Levens - Counselling and Psychotherapy

Helen Levens

Counsellor & Psychotherapist
07756 117717
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Andy Whitehouse counsellor at Sheffield Wellness Centre

Andy Whitehouse

Psychotherapist and Couples Counsellor
07835 966810
Rachael Cann hypnotherapist

Rachael Cann

07827 933099
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Tobias Oliver counsellor and CBT therapist

Tobias Oliver

CBT Therapist
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Sarah Brackenbury - Dramatherapist

Sarah Brackenbury

07734 068950
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Sharmi Gowri Kriszyk - Psychologist

Sharmi Gowri-Kriszyk

Psychologist, EMDR
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Stephanie Stuart CBT therapist

Stephanie Stuart

CBT therapist
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Ben Webster Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Ben Webster

Counsellor & Psychotherapist
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Helen McGovern Hypnotherapist & past life regression

Helen McGovern

Hypnotherapist & past life regression
07762 241180
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"Wonderful, calm and beautiful."

We are delighted to share our customer reviews and thank you all for supporting our ever-growing family run business in Sheffield.


Andleeb M.
I had a wonderful experience with Richard, He is very friendly, I found it really easy to talk to him. He has all the qualities of a Good Hypnotherapist. I would recommend all my friends to him. And trust me it was first time I met him and it was great.
Emma P.
Lovely yoga room perfect for small classes or workshops. Looking forward to doing some yoga there soon!
Mind 4

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Psychotherapy Service FAQs

Review some of the most frequently asked questions about our therapy. If you have questions that aren't addressed here, please don't hesitate to contact us.