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Reiki is a a Japanese technique based on the idea that energy is in all things and that energy can be chanelled or guided by a reiki practitioner. Through gentle touch the therapist could help to restore physical or mental wellbeing.

Reiki healing sessions feel different to everyone but many people have reported that it feels soothing and peaceful while others have said that they have felt a tingling type of sensation or even feeling quite energised. There may also be no noticeable physical sensation as a result of the session.

Reiki in Sheffield could help you relax

Benefits of reiki

  • Calmer and more relaxed
  • More peaceful or centred
  • Feeling more energised
  • Speed up recovery from some health issues

Who is reiki for?

  • Busy minds, overthinkers
  • Pregnant mothers
  • Those feeling stressed or irritable
  • As part of end of life care

An introduction to Reiki

Frequently asked questions

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Frequent questions about Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Biofield therapies such as Reiki, are based on the philosophy that humans have an energetic field. Such therapies set out to balance any disturbances in the human energy field which may be caused by physical and psychological symptoms.

These indigenous systems of healing such as Ayurvedic, Japanese and Chinese medicine, are thousands of years old. Furthermore, they all rest on concepts of a vital force or subtle life energy within a human being that is central to healing.

How does Reiki work?

We are alive because life force is flowing through us. Life force flows within the physical body though pathways called chakras, meridians and nadis. It also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura. Life force nourishes the organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions. When this flow of life force is disrupted, it causes diminished function and may lead to disease.

How could Reiki benefit you?

Reiki is a type of energy work that originated in Japan. It’s a simple method of light touch that is based on the Asian concept of ki or life energy. A session for some people can feel as if a glowing radiance is flowing through and around you. The experience can be very soothing and results in the client entering a wonderful state of relaxation in which one’s worries and cares seem to melt away.

There have been academic articles written about the potential benefits of reiki and meditation for patients, hospitals as well as for caregivers. The research reported that Reiki can help with stress, anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and end of life care such as cancer.

Psychologically clients have reported overall feelings of love, peace, gratefulness forgiveness and happiness and the release of anger, fear, worry, and sadness. Patients often report on increased feelings of self-worth and confidence.

Is Reiki a religion?

No it is not. It is spiritual in nature but practitioners do not encroach on clients belief systems and practices.

Would I have to stop seeing my doctor or psychologist in order to receive a Reiki treatment?

No. Reiki works alongside regular medical or psychological treatment. If you have a medical or psychological condition, it is recommended that you see a health care professional and it is perfectly alright to receive Reiki treatments. Reiki energy works in harmony with all other forms of healing, including drugs, surgery, psychological care or any other method of alternative care and could improve the results.

Are there any side effects from a Reiki treatment?

Most of the time a person will feel relaxed and uplifted by a Reiki treatment. However, sometimes a person will have what is called a healing crisis. As a person’s vibration goes up, toxins that have been stored in the body will be released into the blood stream to be filtered by the liver and kidneys and removed from the system.

When this happens, sometimes a person can get a headache or stomach ache or feel weak. If this happens, it is a good idea to drink more water, eat lighter meals and get more rest. The body is cleansing as part of the healing process so this is a good sign.

Who can learn Reiki?

Reiki is a very simple technique to learn and is not dependent on one having any prior experience with healing, meditation or any other kind of training. It has been successfully learned by over one million people from all walks of life, both young an old. Even children can learn how to do Reiki.

The reason it is so easy to learn that it is not taught in the usual way something is taught. The ability to do Reiki is simply transferred from the teacher to the student through a process called an attunement that takes place during a Reiki class.

As soon as one receives an attunement, they have the ability to do Reiki and after that whenever one places their hands on themselves or on another person with the intention of doing Reiki, the healing energy will automatically begin flowing.

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These are such lovely therapy rooms, warm and welcoming. The centre is super well organised. I'm very excited to be joining the team to offer Autism and ADHD assessments for adults this year!
Audrey C.
What a wonderful space! We had a great time at baby yoga, Fi is wonderful. I will be back for more of the lovely things on offer!

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