Andy Whitehouse

Counselling & Psychotherapy

I’ve always wanted to hear people’s stories. My dad could be a bad-tempered man but he was a good storyteller. You could avoid some of the temper if you encouraged the stories!

As a somewhat perplexed teenager I decided that I wanted to find ways of helping others who were as confused by life as I was.

After a stuttering start I found myself working on community projects and increasingly drawn to listen to people in distress and difficulty. This led to me training to be a Registered Mental Nurse, qualifying in 1991.

All told, I have worked in mental health and wellbeing for over 30 years. In addition I have been a theatre manager, pizza deliverer, tour manager, shelf stacker, musician, bar man, labourer, and events promoter! We all have times in life when our circumstances or experiences overwhelm us and cause us distress and difficulty. I firmly believe that having a confidential safe space in which to share our feelings and explore our inner world without judgement can be very helpful as we try to move forward and overcome the obstacles in our way.


I really love working with people as a therapist. It’s an honest place. If you don’t find it useful you will not come back! There are a bunch of different theoretical approaches to counselling. Mine is based on what is called “person-centred” therapy. You bring whatever aspect of your experience to the session that you wish, and I help you explore it and develop a healthier relationship with it.

This could relate to self-defeating patterns of living, experiences that have been distressing and traumatic, difficulties with your relationships with others and so on. I find that when we have a healthier relationship with our experience we are able to move forward in ways that are meaningful and helpful to us.

Our current patterns of living are generally rooted in our past experiences, and whilst we can’t change the past it is possible to develop a new relationship with it, so it can inform rather than rule us.

Why not get in touch?  We can arrange an introductory session. You can ask all the questions you want to about how we might work and what it might involve. I can find out a little about what is on your mind and suggest how I might be able to help.