Grow Yoga classes 12pm

with Elisha Collier


This is the 2nd class listing. The class is held on Saturdays at 12pm.

What is the format of the yoga class?

My yoga classes will consist of a micro-meditation to begin to bring focus and concentration into the room, we will move onto light warm-up exercises to lubricate the joints and glands, circulate blood all over the body and connect body movement to breath. To cultivate more heat and energy, and to explore the range of movement in our body we will move through sun salutations.

Sun salutations are a flow of simple poses and for the warm-up each pose will generally be held for one breath. We will then move into Asana practice which will typically consist of standing, kneeling and sitting poses, backbends, forward bends, twists and an inversion. Typically, we will hold poses for 3-5 breaths and work on relaxing our body even in a challenging posture. There will be a large focus on the breath during the classes, and I will direct and draw attention to your breath throughout. The class will end with a final relaxation in a laying down position.


Let Elisha know that you would like to attend

Elisha Collier