Jane Mitchell


10 years ago was when I first began to look into mindfulness. This was to help myself with stress issues that were affecting many parts of my life.

Stress was having noticeable effects on my work life, personal life and my confidence levels.

I began by looking at meditation and read several books on the subject and later progressed to an introduction to Buddhism and Meditation course.


This was when I really started to take the tools and techniques I had been studying and began to actually apply them to my life. It was at that point that mindfulness became a daily part of who I am.

I found Breathworks, an organisation based in Manchester who runs courses in mindfulness as well as offering a teacher training programme. The first Breathworks course I attended was focused on combining mindfulness with my occupation as a health professional, at that time working as a nurse with children who had neuro-disabilities and their parents.

I took further courses to become a teacher of mindfulness and now I am an accredited Breathworks teacher and qualified to deliver courses on their behalf. I am also qualified to teach an eight-week Mindful Parenting programme. This was developed by Professor Susan Bogels in Amsterdam. This course is delivered privately and also through the NHS.

Mindfulness has changed my life and has given me the tools to manage the many challenges life presents. A turning point for me was when I understood how my relationship with my thoughts had such a huge impact on my well-being. I remind myself daily that thoughts are not facts and that I don’t have to buy into them if I don’t want to.

Professional memberships & qualifications:
Jane is an accredited teacher with Breathworks and you can find her on the UK listing of mindfulness teachers.