Joanne Bacon

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

From personal experience of having lived through a traumatic childhood and recognising how certain behaviours can follow into our adult life, I’m aware how these behaviours can cause us to become stuck.

Becoming stuck can create a great amount of anxiety, which stops us from living a full and healthy life. On reflection of my personal counselling journey, I have come to understand how it has dramatically shaped my life.

The struggles I have coped with have been eased through finding self-awareness. Reaching out professionally can enable people to overcome their battles. I believe there is always scope to improve the way we think, and to positively boost our emotions, but some people need a little help with this process.


I believe therapy is a great way for us to look after our inner selves – it’s like a beauty treatment for emotional health. It is a safe and confidential way of exploring feelings and emotions to enhance wellbeing. Counselling is a form of guiding someone through their darker days, helping them to find new ways of coping.

I believe each person may already have answers locked away inside them somewhere; counselling may hold the key to unlock those answers. I support my clients while they work through their issues in a safe and gentle manner. It doesn’t matter what the topic, large or small. I consider counselling to be a very special and unique profession, which offers a non-judgemental, unbiased, supportive space, allowing clients to reflect on their life and challenge their own beliefs and values.

It is a universally beneficial practice, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, background or culture. An important aspect of my personal philosophy is that, regardless of which counselling methodology is practised, there are no right or wrong ways for clients to investigate their issues.

Each of us have our own perception of how we view our world, and ultimately, change must come from the client’s themselves when they feel ready. I have always wanted the opportunity to help people, to support them as they make a difference in their lives. With the use of counselling skills, I believe I do this in a warm, caring and professionally ethical way. My counselling journey began when I embarked upon a life coaching course back in 2012.

This was in hope of securing a promotion within a retail position which I held at that time. This course opened the flood gate to wanting to learn more on how I could help support people as they develop and grow their potential. I began to understand how our own values and beliefs can create our own physiological strait jackets when left unchallenged.

My counselling studies began with Person Centre Therapy, which is a theory that wholly focuses upon the client and is very client lead. During study for for my Diploma, the core theory which under pinned this course was Transactional Analysis, which is a theory which focuses upon how we communicate and interact. It encourages addressing problems which have built up over time.

Thought-out my Degree level I have been studying Counselling Solutions, which encompasses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy, which both help to uncover negative thought patterns and encourages hope, it places focus upon a person’s present and future circumstances, and their goals rather than their past experiences. For the past couple of years,

I have been working for the South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association both on placement, and recently as one of their paid clinicians. I have had the honour of helping support service users with their personal issues around food. I have witnessed first-hand how talking therapy can help facilitate changes in behaviour to encourage a healthier life style.

The counselling relationship is a mutual learning experience which makes this a very special profession indeed. It is all about team work. I couldn’t do my job without the co-operation of my clients. Working together, we can develop new ways of thinking, so clients can leave behind old, negative patterns of behaviour. I enjoy seeing my clients make progress. To watch a client as they unfold into a happier brighter version of themselves, is the ultimate reward for me as a counselling practitioner.

BA Hons in Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling Diploma in Eating Disorders Diploma in Mindfulness Level 3 Award in Life Coaching. I am a Registered Member of the BACP and I am continuing to work towards BACP accreditation.

I also have over two years’ experience working with South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association. In September of 2018 I will be working towards a Master of Science in Psychology, which is something I am very much looking forward to achieving.