Sarah Brackenbury

Dramatherapist (For ages 11-25)

I completed an accredited Masters in Dramatherapy at the University of Derby, qualifying in 2016. Since then I have been freelancing in several primary and secondary schools around Sheffield as well as developing my private practice.

I am registered with the Health Care Professional’s Council (HCPC) and a full member of the British Association of Dramatherapists (BADTH).

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My work specialises in trauma and attachment whilst working from a person-centred approach. I am of the view that each individual has their own story and are the experts in telling them. However, my job as a therapist is to guide clients through a psychodynamic, creative process, to help understand their stories and experiences from the internal as well as the external world.

My motivation has always come from helping others and enabling change. I feel extremely privileged to reach out to so many children and young people and be a part of their journeys.

Dramatherapy is a specialist form of psychotherapy which allows clients to explore and express difficult emotions or feelings by engaging in a creative process. This is done through a variety of directive and non-directive techniques in order to keep clients safe when exploring something which may seem too challenging or traumatic.

These techniques include metaphor, object work, writing, drawing, storytelling, mask work, games and much more. Although the title is ‘drama’ therapy, there is actually no ‘acting’ or performance involved.

You do not need to be good at drama or have had any creative experience to engage in Dramatherapy.