Sarah Wray

Hypnotherapist, Reiki and Meditation Practitioner

Hello, my name is Sarah. I trained as a Primary teacher and taught for over twenty years, becoming a Headteacher in my final years. I absolutely loved my work with children and their families and believe I was privileged to do this for so many years.

However, I recognised that stress was taking over my life; juggling a career and family life alongside all the other pressures life can bring was taking its toll. I wanted and needed to find balance, peace and a sense of fulfilment in my life.


I had meditated off and on since the age of eighteen and knew the benefits. I began to meditate regularly and joined classes to develop my own practice. 2014 saw me take my first healing course, Quantum Breath Level 1 and 2.

I found energy healing quite magical, helping people to let go of pain, fear, negative emotions and beliefs and begin to find their true self and purpose. This began my journey of learning, and I have now trained in Reiki, Meditation, Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique and Hypnotherapy.

I now have a much greater sense of balance and peace in my life and when these wobble a little (as life tends to happen to us all!) I have the tools to help myself regain them. I enjoy ‘just being’, finding happiness and fulfilment in daily life.

During my last years in education I saw first hand how the pressures of modern life affect young people too. The therapies I work with can help provide strategies to deal with these pressures and support young people to handle and enjoy life whatever comes their way.

My passion is to help people to help themselves so we can relax, heal and grow, and find more contentment and fulfilment in our lives. I thoroughly enjoy meeting and working with adults and children while sharing these therapies, and always work with integrity and compassion.

Whether there is a specific issue you wish to deal with or some ‘you time’, where the world can just stand still for a little time while you relax and rebalance please feel free to contact me.