Susan Rutherford

Reiki Practitioner and Life coach + mentor

Susan is a member of the UK Reiki Federation
I have worked in the NHS for many years supporting patients along a medical path to managing their health. Over the last few years, I have come to recognise that the body has a great capacity to support its own wellbeing and that Reiki can be used to aid this*.

The unblocking and release of energy through Reiki brings your body balance and harmony allowing physical and emotional well-being to be restored, activating the natural healing processes of your mind body and spirit.


Coming from a health background I was sceptical of Reiki at first, wanting evidence to prove its claims. Through my training and practice, I continue to be amazed by the benefits Reiki brings to my clients, each time different and unique as each of us are.

On a personal level through regular self-treatments and meditation, my Reiki journey has brought me a sense of balance along and a renewed energy and a more positive outlook on life.

*I do not believe that Reiki should be used instead of conventional medicine and would urge anyone suffering from any medical or physiological condition to see a registered GP or Healthcare Professional

Life Coaching & Mentorship
I have an ILM 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentorship and have been working in the NHS as an organisational coach for over 5 years with experience of coaching colleagues within Sheffield, partner organisations and academia working on matters such as career management, performance issues as well as personal development and individual effectiveness.

To me coaching is an opportunity for you to have a safe space in which to explore, with my help, issues, challenges and goals personal to you, in a structured way, to find an outcome or solution that fits for you as an individual. It is not about me providing the answers that I feel would work; it is you finding your own unique solution.

The relationship with your coach is confidential, non-judgemental and helps to facilitate a wide range of learning, experimentation and development. It is a relationship built on mutual regard, trust and respect.

Through coaching, you can learn to better solve your own problems, at the same time improving leadership skills and your relationships with others. It is a unique opportunity to reflect and to become more confident, improve your performance and gain greater insight and perspective.

I offer a gentle conversational approach supporting you to explore what is important to you, finding ways to move or realise your potential.