Mindfulness is similar to meditation and is similar to self-hypnosis. When you are being mindful it is about being more focused on the present moment. There is a huge amount of information coming from all your senses all the time. Your brain filters out the vast majority of that information so you aren’t consciously aware of it all, all the time as this would be too much to take.

Mindfulness is about making time to stop your day to day life (sometimes for seconds or minutes but could be for hours too if you wants) and to use that time to focus on the here and now. This is usually done by focusing on the senses. In this focused state you are much less likely to be worrying about things from your past or anxious when thinking about future events.

If you are interested in mindfulness you might want to look at the mindfulness sessions run at the Sheffield Wellness Centre or possibly have a chat with some of our hypnotherapists who also offer mindfulness sessions as part of what they do.

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