Helen McGovern

Hypnotherapist, PLR

Helen McGovern hypnotherapist
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Helen McGovern


1 Hour Hypnotherapy Session - £70

Stop Smoking 1.5 Hour Session with free top up session if required - £195

About the work I do

My journey into therapy has come from therapies that have helped me, and in turn, know that I’ll be able to help other people, as a sufferer from M.E. (Chronic fatigue syndrome) and fibromyalgia.

I turned to hypnotherapy after going through a particularly stressful period in my life. It inspired me so much that I trained at Sheffield Hallam University to become a Practitioner myself, which also led on to my degree in Psychology.

At the time I had just started working at an ex-military run ladies boot camp ‘drop a dress size in a week’. Working together with the nutritionist and trainers I devised a weight loss hypnotherapy plan that has helped countless people.

My other passion is for all things spiritual, and I am now offering Past Life Regression hypnotherapy. Past Life Regression is a way of finding out why certain things bother you and you are not sure why - for example an irrational fear of something.

In past life journeying, you can go anywhere and be anywhere, in a mental capacity. You can move through time (an earthly illusion) and past lives instantly. It is just like remembering events that happened in your current life, and as in your current life, there may be memories that we have difficulty accessing for assorted reasons.

I can also help phobias, stress and anxiety and regularly receive GP referrals, I am also a stop smoking hypnotherapy practitioner.


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